Pierce Brosnan’s Fans Enraged After He Announces His Support for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Pierce Brosnan’s Fans Enraged After He Announces His Support for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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Pierce Brosnan, popular for his legendary portrayal of James Bond, has found himself at the center of controversy after a picture surfaced featuring him alongside presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The photo, posted by Kennedy on X (formerly known as Twitter), showed the two men together at the Kennedy for President fundraiser on Point Dume. Kennedy’s caption, "Two Irishmen at the Kennedy for President fundraiser on Point Dume last night," accumulated attention in huge amounts, with the post amassing 600,000 views. However, the reaction from Brosnan’s fans was far from the enthusiastic response Kennedy may have expected.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by  Sean Gallup
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Sean Gallup

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Social media imploded with comments conveying disappointment and disapproval of Brosnan’s eventual endorsement of Kennedy, with some fans labeling the actor as a 'traitor.' One user expressed his dismay, posting, "Oh dear, so disappointed in @PierceBrosnan." Another user lamented, "Now you went and ruined Pierce for everyone." In spite of some positive comments, it was perceptible that many fans were taken aback by Brosnan’s relationship with Kennedy, who is the son of Robert "Bobby" Kennedy and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and is running as a Democratic candidate for the 2024 elections.



As per News Week, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy’s resistance to vaccines hoarded prominent attention. His controversial comments at a dinner party, where he alleged that COVID-19 was intended to attack specific racial groups, drew condemnation from his own family and allegations of encouraging antisemitism. Kennedy later clarified his statements, citing a study on genetic susceptibility to COVID-19. He claimed that he was highlighting the concept of ethnically targeted bioweapons rather than promoting such theories.

Kennedy's unconventional views, which include WiFi 'causing' cancer and his characterization of the Democrats as the 'party of censorship' with a 'pugnacious neocon-driven foreign policy,' have found resonance among voters who lean on the right. However, he also did lend his support to certain left-wing policies, including civil rights for minorities, government assistance for the vulnerable, and climate change action.

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Lisa Lake
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Lisa Lake


Despite his appeal to some sections of the population, Kennedy still faces a difficult battle in the presidential race. A poll found that while 33% of Democratic voters would consider voting for him as an independent candidate, President Joe Biden remains the leader within the Democratic party. Brosnan’s inclination for liberal causes is also well-defined, as he has previously appreciated Democratic candidates like Barack Obama and John Kerry. In 2020, he congratulated President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on their election victory via Instagram.

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The buzz generated around Brosnan’s relationship with Kennedy reflects the hurdles artists face when indulging in politics, as this stint led to public scrutiny and backlash from his fans. In this case, Brosnan's decision to pair up with Kennedy has certainly sparked a wave of response, emphasizing the complicated relationship between celebrities and politics in today's world.

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