Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi Urges Republicans to ‘Take Back Grand Old Party’ From ‘Thug’ Donald Trump

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi Urges Republicans to ‘Take Back Grand Old Party’ From ‘Thug’ Donald Trump
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Former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed Donald Trump and made a heartfelt plea to GOP members.

Pelosi spoke to MSNBC's Chris Hayes on October 24 to discuss current legislative dysfunction, asking Republicans to reclaim control of their party from former President Donald Trump. She told Hayes that she is “rarely surprised in politics,” but the current GOP sentiments have astonished her.

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Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Chip Somodevilla
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Chip Somodevilla


She added, “It is surprising that the Republicans do not honor the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, to honor the institution in which we serve, and to respect the obligation that we have to the American people to get the job done for them.”

Pelosi then appealed to the Republican consciousness and their fervor to protect the nation. “Whatever differences we may have,” Pelosi continued, per The Wrap, “at some point, you have to come to a decision as to how you’re going to get the job done.”


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Pelosi then mentioned former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who was reportedly recently granted immunity for testifying against the previous president under oath. Meadows stated to ABC News that Trump was “dishonest” with the people when claiming to have won the 2020 election. 

Pelosi explained that Meadows “is getting immunity for what he has to say about what the president knew about the election,” adding that it baffles her that Republicans still feel Trump is fit to lead them. “And you have the Republicans in Congress listening to a president in court whose own chief of staff is saying he was wrong,” she explained. “They’re using that as the basis on how they go forward,” Pelosi added.

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Making a passioned plea to the GOP members, Pelosi added, “The Republicans in America, take back your party, the Grand Old Party, a great party that made such a contribution to our country, with great leadership in so many ways.”

Pelosi continued, “Who am I to be advocating for a strong Republican party, but it’s what our country needs in addition to a strong Democratic party.” She added, “But not to have a cult to really effectively have a thug as the manifestation of the Republican party.”


Pelosi has become a popular punching bag for Trump, who frequently clashed with the former Speaker while in office, per The Hill.

During an address at the California GOP convention last month, the former president took aim at former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “We’ll stand up to crazy Nancy Pelosi, who ruined San Francisco,” Trump said to the crowd. “How’s her husband doing, by the way, anybody know? She’s against building a wall at our border, even though she has a wall around her house — which obviously didn’t do a very good job,” he added, referring to a house invasion late last year that left her husband in critical condition.

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