Marjorie Taylor Greene Criticized for Posing With Mike Johnson Upon His Election as House Speaker

Marjorie Taylor Greene Criticized for Posing With Mike Johnson Upon His Election as House Speaker
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In the high-stakes race for the Speakership of the House, Republican Representative Mike Johnson emerged victorious with 220 votes, narrowly edging out Democratic contender Hakeem Jeffries, who secured 209 votes. As the wind changed its direction, the Congresswoman from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, found herself in the spotlight for more than just her vote. Moments before the official announcement of Johnson as the Speaker of the House, Greene took to X (Formerly known as Twitter) to declare her support for the newly elected speaker. She posted, "I just voted for Mike Johnson to be our next Speaker of the House!"


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In her social media decree, Greene was hailed for Johnson’s conservative voting record and his commitment to helping her in advancing significant legislation, including her "Protect Children's Innocence Act," aimed at ending the genital mutilation of children. She expressed her enthusiasm to get to work alongside the newly elected Speaker. However, it was her selfie with the Speaker that jolted social media. Shortly after Johnson's victory, Greene shared a photo of herself and the Speaker on X, exclaiming, "Congratulations to our new Speaker of the House @RepMikeJohnson!! 🇺🇸" As per Meaww, in the attached image, both Johnson and Greene appear excited and ready to embark on their roles in the new Speaker-Rep duo. The selfie symbolized Greene’s support for Johnson and the excitement of the Speaker, a display of unity within the Republican Party.


However, the internet, known for quick and witty responses, did not hesitate to troll Greene’s congratulatory post. The selfie was met with mixed reactions, many of which were skeptical and mocking. One user expressed concern over Greene’s Twitter post, referring to both her and Johnson as extremists. The comments included a prediction that the Democrats would regain control of the House in 2024. Another user took a humorous jab at the Congresswoman, suggesting she might not have analyzed her selfies before posting them, alluding to the candid and informal aspect of the photo with Johnson.


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The backlash against Greene continues as some users conveyed their disappointment and skepticism. Comments such as "No thanks to you Marge" and "🤡 show, enjoy the circus…" emphasized a sense of disillusionment among some social media users. As the online battle unraveled, critics resorted to name-calling and deprecating labels. One comment referred to Greene as a "disgusting suck-up," enfolding the sentiments of those who saw her actions as opportunistic or insincere.

While the selfie with the newly elected Speaker Johnson aimed to showcase Republican unity and excitement about the future, it inadvertently sparked the fire of social media debates and criticism. It remains to be seen how this public display of support will impact the political dynamics within the Republican Party and Greene's role in it.

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