Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Democrats of 'Grooming Children' and 'Stealing Elections' in Fiery Rant

Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Democrats of 'Grooming Children' and 'Stealing Elections' in Fiery Rant
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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene ignited outrage and shockwaves with her recent allegations, accusing the Democratic Party of 'sexually grooming children' and 'stealing elections' while heatedly ranting about abortion, according to Radar Online. In her fervent tirade, Greene linked the Republican Party’s losses in prominent state elections to the handling of the controversial issue of abortion rights. While addressing the GOP’s defeats in states such as Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky, which voted to solidify abortion protection rights in their state constitutions, Green asserted that the GOP 'did not lose because of abortion itself' but because of 'how the party handles the issue or rather does not handle the issue.'

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Win McNamee
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Win McNamee

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The Georgia House Representative wrote a nearly 1000-word Twitter diatribe to express her discontent, criticizing the GOP's strategy on handling Democrats. Greene wrote, “Republicans are losing Republican voters because the base is fed up with weak Republicans who never do anything to actually stop the communist democrats."

She continued, "Republican voters are energized and can not wait to vote for President Trump because he is addressing every issue I just named, and they trust him to fix these insane problems we have, and the American people believe he is the only one that will actually do it... Just wait until the Republican Party finds out how bad [the] turn out will be once the days of Trump rallies and Trump on the ticket are finally gone.”



The politician then said that GOP voters 'are not inspired' to vote for a party that 'wants to play nice' with 'communists' who 'locked everyone down during the scamdemic, violated their free speech and censored us on social media, steals elections... rips our border open... funds every foreign war... and sexually grooms our children.'

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Furthermore, Greene's heated speech wasn't limited to the electoral fallout; she also delved deeper into the controversial issue of abortion. She exclaimed, “Abortion is genocide and none of their screams are heard when each of them is slaughtered in their mother’s wombs... Producing ads that graphically show the truth of an abortion as a baby is being ripped apart or dies lying on a cold metal trey gasping for air after being ripped out of its mother’s womb is the truth America needs to see versus the democrat’s never-ending ads lying to women that baby murder is their right, too offensive? No not for America and definitely not for democrats.”


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This controversial approach starkly contradicts the recent state votes that affirmed abortion rights, underscoring a growing rift within the Republican Party on this sensitive yet crucial issue. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, along with others, echoed his disagreement with the upcoming election outcomes, indicating that these results highlight the limitations of a purely democratic approach to governing a country.

Greene's vocal and divisive statements regarding Democrats and abortion rights highlight the deeply entrenched polarities within the American political landscape, especially on sensitive topics like abortion rights and electoral integrity.

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