Loni Willison Blames Ex-Husband for Her Current Situation: "He Set Everything up to Do This to Me"

Loni Willison Blames Ex-Husband for Her Current Situation: "He Set Everything up to Do This to Me"
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Loni Willison, a former fitness model, has been living on the streets of Los Angeles for several years now. The once-successful model has hit rock bottom, and in a recent interview with X17 Online, she blamed her ex-husband, Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson, for her current situation.

Willison and Jackson had a tumultuous marriage that ended in 2014, after less than two years. Willison accused Jackson of attempting to strangle her in a drunken fight, and the couple parted ways shortly after. Since then, Willison has struggled with addiction and homelessness, and her life has taken a drastic turn.



In the X17 Online interview, Willison was asked where her life went wrong, to which she replied: "My ex-husband. Getting married. At least I got divorced. He set everything up to do this to me." Willison claimed that Jackson was responsible for her current situation.

Willison's modeling career began to take off in the mid-2000s, and she was a regular feature in fitness magazines such as Glam Fit, Flavour, and Iron Man. According to reports, Willison's addiction to crystal meth played a significant role in her downfall. She has previously claimed that she was "getting tortured in my home, my apartment," while struggling with addiction, as per The New York Post.



In her recent interview on Friday, Willison claimed to be in a lot of pain and said that she suffers from stomach problems that make it difficult for her to eat. According to Willison, she cannot reside indoors due to being electrocuted on a daily basis for almost a year. Consequently, she is now unable to tolerate any exposure to electricity.

Willison believes that her body also absorbs other elements such as specific chemicals, batteries, fuses, wires, and various types of metals. She further explained that her body can even filter these substances, although she is uncertain and would require an extensive medical examination such as an X-ray or sonogram to determine the extent of the issue.

When asked if she has sought help from the city of Los Angeles, Willison replied, "There's nothing that anybody can offer me. There is no helping." She claimed to have been offered help in the past but has never sought it out.



In an interview with Daily Mail TV in October 2018, Loni Willison shared her plight before her disappearance, stating, "I'd split from Jeremy at that time. I have not had any contact with him. All the s**t that's happened to me has been so f*****g crazy."

Willison was recently spotted in Los Angeles digging through a dumpster in search of food. She asserted that despite her predicament, she can take care of herself and has everything necessary in the wealthy vicinity of Venice. She clarified that she does not possess a cellphone, but she has access to food and shelter.

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