Legal Expert Thinks Donald Trump Is Particularly ‘Spun Up’ About Daughter Ivanka Trump Testifying

Legal Expert Thinks Donald Trump Is Particularly ‘Spun Up’ About Daughter Ivanka Trump Testifying
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The New York fraud lawsuit Donald Trump has been hit with is employing a new weapon that has Trump worried: his daughter Ivanka Trump's testimony. Prosecutors from the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James will question her about her involvement in financial fraud carried out by the Trump Organization.

Owing to an appeals court decision that dismissed the $250 million civil suit against her on the grounds of the statute of limitations, what she says may now have a significant effect on the wealth of Donald Trump, his two sons, Eric and Donald Jr., as well as executives employed by the company that may be shut down. So there's sufficient time for her to be questioned, her testimony has been shifted to November 8, the Associated Press reported.  

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Molly Riley
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Molly Riley


In light of this, legal expert and former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance said it makes sense that the former president seems more worried about Ivanka's testimony than about his two sons, who are still employed by the company, given that she risks no legal repercussions (provided that she doesn't commit perjury), Raw Story reported.

Trump is reportedly "spun up" over Ivanka being forced to appear after attempting to evade a subpoena, Vance analyzed via her Substack platform. The lawyer said that Trump's argument that his daughter shouldn't be allowed doesn't hold weight. 


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Vance is right since Trump definitely seems out of sorts on social media. Following Judge Engoron's decision to require Ivanka to testify in her New York civil fraud prosecution, Trump launched a barrage of assaults via his Truth Social on the judge on October 28, POLITICO reported.

The former president insulted Judge Arthur Engoron in a post calling him "unhinged" and "an out-of-control 'Nut Job,'" arguing that Ivanka Trump shouldn't be required to testify following her dismissal from the case in June. Trump said,  “I truly believe he is CRAZY, but certainly, at a minimum, CRAZED in his hatred of me.” 

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Ivanka cannot be excused because, as Vance points out, she is a "fact witness" and not a defendant. "Who better to testify than someone with first-hand knowledge?" she wrote. "Ivanka was dismissed from the lawsuit because her direct participation happened too long ago to come within the “statute of limitations” — the number of years back the AG is permitted to go with her allegations. Fortunately for Ivanka, she left the Trump Organization for the White House in 2017, which puts her beyond the reach of New York law as a defendant, but does nothing to rule her out as a fact witness."



In addition, Vance pointed out that it will be interesting to see how Trump responds to the three of his adult children testifying and whether he can maintain self-control given the Judge Arthur Engoron gag order that has already cost the former president $15,000. Engoron has already rendered a summary judgment finding the Trump Organization guilty of fraud. Penalties are primarily to be determined by the ongoing trial.

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