Kylie Jenner Reaches Out to Jordyn Woods, Re-Kindles Bond Four Years After Tristan Thompson Feud

Kylie Jenner Reaches Out to Jordyn Woods, Re-Kindles Bond Four Years After Tristan Thompson Feud
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If so, time is the greatest healer; Kylie Jenner is likely to reunite with her once inseparable pal, Jordyn Woods. The duo is reportedly reworking their broken relationship after a messy fallout that followed the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. The beauty mogul ended her longest-running bond with Woods in 2019, prioritizing family over friendship. 

Image Source: Getty Images | James Devaney
Image Source: Getty Images | James Devaney

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The Kylie Cosmetics founder hit out with Woods after their first meeting in middle school. However, the American model's involvement with Tristan Thompson (Khloe Kardashian's former boyfriend) prompted Kylie to break all ties of friendship with her. Four years since the cheating scandal, in a surprising turn of events, the long-lost friends are a "work-in-progress." 



Their reconciliation reports broke the internet as they recently reunited. However, the two reportedly reconnected long before the pictures got social media approval. Apparently, it was Kylie who first approached Woods. "Kylie was the one to reach out to Jordyn," as reported by US Weekly. "She missed her and felt enough time had passed, and they wanted to meet up." 

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They first met in July 2023 for a dinner in Los Angeles, and their meeting marked its first since the two withdrew from each other four years back. A second insider told the outlet, "It's a work in progress, and they're taking it slow." Kylie and Wood's "reunion" was partially possible because of Khloe. 

The Good American founder, who was the "victim" of the infidelity, 'allowed' her sister Kylie to reconnect with Woods. Another source continued, "Khloe is all about forgiveness and moving forward, so Khloé is OK with Kylie seeing [Jordyn]." While the friends were close, Woods was caught kissing Khloe's ex Thompson in February 2019.

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Following this, their relationship turned sour, and the scandal shook the Kardashian-Jenner clan. While Khloe held herself and sought answers during the unfortunate incident, Kylie decided it was best to distance herself from her childhood buddy. Apparently, Woods wasn't the only girl in Thompson's cheating scandal portfolio. 

Previously, he was accused of being involved with multiple women while Khloe carried his baby in her womb, True, who she gave birth to in April 2018. Woods appeared on Red Table Talk in March 2019 and claimed, "I did as much apologizing [to Khloé] as I could do over the phone, over the text," insisting it wasn't a "passionate kiss." 



Prior to this "ill-fated" incident, the BFFs were entwined in a beautiful friendship. Woods recalled in an interview with Buzzfeed, "One day I got a phone call from one of my friends, and they were like, 'Yeah, come over to Kylie's house. We all wanna hang out,'" as per E! News. Jenner also remembered how they instantly clicked with each other. 

While recollecting their middle-school story, Jenner said, "And she put her name in my phone, and we just got closer and closer throughout the years and realized all we need is each other. Now we are our only friends!" Due to their closeness, Woods became an unofficial member of the Kardashian-Jenner family. 



After giving another chance to Thompson, Khloe finally called it quits for good in 2021 amid another paternity scandal with Maralee Nichols. The Basketball player confirmed he fathered Nichols' son, Theo, while still in a relationship with True's mother. In 2021, during a special, Khloe encouraged her younger sister to move on. "I don't care enough to ever hurt my sister." 

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