'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown Disapproves of 13-Year-Old Daughter Living With Mom Christine & Her Fiancé

'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown Disapproves of 13-Year-Old Daughter Living With Mom Christine & Her Fiancé
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It's obvious that not everyone is thrilled about the recent developments in the Brown household. In the previous season of TLC's Sister Wives, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown and Meri Brown confirmed the end of their relationship with polygamist Kody Brown. Additionally, exclusive information from The U.S. Sun reveals that Kody Brown finds it "inappropriate" for his daughter Truely to live with his ex-wife Christine and her fiancé.

Following the conclusion of Kody and Christine's relationship, fans of the show have been closely monitoring Christine's move to Utah with her 13-year-old daughter, Truely, in order to be nearer to their extended family. Christine and Kody are parents to six children, with Truely being their youngest and the sole minor among them. 



Amidst a heated custody battle, Christine and Kody find themselves at odds as the family patriarch expresses his worries about their 13-year-old daughter residing in the home of an unmarried couple. There is disagreement regarding the custody arrangement between Kody and Christine. After Christine relocated to Utah with Truely, it didn't take long for her to cross paths with a man named David, develop a romantic connection, and eventually become engaged.

"It has been brought up several times by Kody, 54, that he doesn't think it's appropriate for his daughter to be living in an unwed household. There have been conversations about how he's uncomfortable with the fact alone that Christine and her fiancé are living together and not married," the source told the outlet. The insider further mentioned that considering the reality star's previous polygamous lifestyle, there may also be an underlying pressure for her to "get married quickly."

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Frederick M. Brown
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Frederick M. Brown


In addition to finding his daughter's living situation "inappropriate", Kody also finds Truely's connection with her future father-in-law "troubling".  The source stated, "Kody finds it truly distressing to see pictures of his daughter with David. It stirs up emotions within him. Truely has always been a daddy's girl. The entire situation with Kody is heartbreaking."

There is an ongoing conflict between David and Kody behind the scenes. "David can't stand Kody. He doesn't appreciate the way that Kody treated Christine. He thinks he treated her terrible." A source close to them stated that David really treats Christine like a queen by taking her out to wine and dine to nice restaurants. He also takes her on trips to Universal Studios and Disneyland mainly because that's where Christine always wanted to go to have some quality family time. "All these things they are doing are things that she always wanted Kody to go and do and he never made time for. So she's kind of reliving all the years of her failed marriage through David."



In Season 17, Kody and Christine faced challenges while negotiating the terms of their separation, with Truely's custody becoming a particularly contentious issue. Kody insisted on shared custody and equal time with Truely due to Christine's decision to move to Utah with their daughter.

Christine expressed her frustration with Kody's sudden desire for time with Truely, mentioning that when they lived in Arizona with the rest of the family, he had shown little interest in spending time with their daughter. Although Season 17 concluded without a resolution, OK Magazine indicates that the intensified custody battle will be a prominent storyline in the upcoming Season 18 of the show.

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