Julia Fox Claims Ex Kanye West Asked Her To Get ‘Breast Implants’ and Offered To Pay For It

Julia Fox Claims Ex Kanye West Asked Her To Get ‘Breast Implants’ and Offered To Pay For It
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During their two-month-long relationship, rapper Kanye West once abruptly suggested a "b**b job to Julia Fox while the ex-couple were engaged in a game of Uno. In her memoir Down the Drain, the Italian-American model recalls her life as a runaway, her toxic relationships, and being used as a 'pawn' by the Praise God rapper, West.

Image Source: Getty Images | Marc Piasecki
Image Source: Getty Images | Marc Piasecki

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In an excerpt from her memoir, Fox candidly wrote about the time the Yeezy founder offered to take on the expenses of her plastic surgery, as per The Guardian. She recalled that the ex-flames were hanging out in a hotel room, playing Uno, when the rapper made the shocking proposal. 

"We spend the day playing Uno and a game that involves highlighting positive words in the dictionary," shared the 33-year-old. "I'll get you a boob job if you want," proposed West. As for her part, the model instantly declined the offer. Aside from the disparaging proposition, Fox also alleged West was using her as a 'pawn.' 

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She added that it dawned on her later that she was "being used as a pawn in this grand master plan to get back at his ex-wife" Kim Kardashian. The 33-year-old model said, "That's humiliating," adding, "That's a really sh*** position to be in." In an interview, she echoed the same sentiment about West "weaponizing" her against the SKIMS mogul. 

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After their messy and highly publicized divorce, Fox believed West used social media to harass his ex-wife Kim and divulge private information by leaking messages. Although the model admitted she "really understood him [West] on a visceral level," he ultimately didn't treat her the way she expected, reported the Los Angeles Times. 


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But for once, Fox did believe their relationship "could be something real." However, it didn't turn out that way. She continued, "I just felt like his little puppet," she revealed. Although in her LA Times interview, the model reportedly used expletive language, in her memoir, she toned it down despite claiming she didn't sign an NDA. 

"I am not signing a f****** NDA just on principle. I never have, and I never will," expounded Fox, adding, "Unless it's a professional opportunity, then sure." The Italian-American actress hinted that she may have been "blacklisted" from many projects due to her alliance with West. 



The controversial rapper made anti-sematic comments on social media, and due to this, he lost several brand collaborations. "I know for a fact I've been up for certain things and couldn't do it because of dating Kanye. It's kind of wild," said Fox. She also clarified her investment in the relationship wasn't too much. 

"It really wasn't that big of a deal, but other people made it such a big deal," she asserted. She eventually had a fallout with West, and after that, the model kept away from men for reasons mentioned in detail in her memoir. "That romanticized idea of men doesn't exist anymore," she clarified. 

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However, she is smitten by one man currently, her two-year-old son Valentino, with her ex-husband, Peter Artemiev. "All the validation I could ever get, I get from my son — the love, the intimacy, the closeness. We co-sleep at night. I have all of that," adding, "I wouldn't want anyone to come in and take my attention or time away from my son." 

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