Joe Rogan Sides With Trump on Mar-a-Lago's $18M Valuation, Says 'That Place is a Palace'

Joe Rogan Sides With Trump on Mar-a-Lago's $18M Valuation, Says 'That Place is a Palace'
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World-famous podcaster Joe Rogan agrees with Donald Trump on Mar-a-Lago's 'lowballed' valuation in his ongoing New York fraud trial. In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the popular comedian and commentator did not shy away from supporting Trump’s claim that the  $18 million valuation is a gross undervaluation for the opulent Florida property. The former President is currently facing legal scrutiny over allegations of inflating his businesses’ values, and Trump has criticized both the judge presiding over his case and New York Attorney General Letitia James as well, as per The Messenger. Rogan also emphasized the inconsistency in the valuation, stating, "The judge ruled that it was worth $18 million. It’s 20 acres and like the most expensive real estate in that area, like a house down the street from it, much smaller. It’s just sold for $50 million,"

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Expressing his disbelief at par, Rogan drew attention to a Palm Beach home near Mar-a-Lago that was sold for over triple times the actual valuation of the sprawling estate. "It’s like they don’t even try to pretend!" Rogan exclaimed with a laugh. Furthermore, referring to Forbes’ valuation of approximately $300 million for Mar-a-Lago, Rogan questioned the official appraisal, and the former president of the United States claimed that the property's worth is 50-100 times more than the current recorded valuation by the authorities.

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This statement has stirred a wave of controversy. However, it is crucial to note that the judge did not give the final verdict on determining the property's value at just $18 million. This figure actually came from a Palm Beach County appraiser who valued the property between $18-$28 million between 2011 and 2021, as per the sources of The Messenger. A tax representative for Trump even agreed with a $26.6 million valuation, as per reports.

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Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Stacy Revere

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Despite the discrepancies, Rogan criticized the media's lack of scrutiny on the valuation and slammed the basis and foundation of official valuation for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, asserting, "If you say $18 million, like, you [have] to know that place is a palace. The place is a palace. It's 20 acres! Get the f--- out of here. This is crazy. You can't do that. That's, like, too obvious... You don’t give a f--- about the truth."

Rogan's commentary on Trump sheds light on the broader issue of property valuation, especially when linked to high-profile figures. The conversation on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, underscores the complexities surrounding Trump's legal battles and challenges the 'accepted narrative' regarding the worth of Mar-a-Lago. As the trial unfolds, Rogan's take adds a distinctive perspective to the ongoing discussion about the intersection of politics, celebrity, and real estate.

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