Jennifer Lopez 'Lashes Out' At Husband Ben Affleck's Female Fans in Recent Outing: "Back Off, Bi**H"

Jennifer Lopez 'Lashes Out' At Husband Ben Affleck's Female Fans in Recent Outing: "Back Off, Bi**H"
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Jennifer Lopez created a buzz on social media when a casual night out with her husband, Ben Affleck, took an unexpected turn. The couple, leaving a dinner spot on Sunday, November 5 night, encountered a group of admirers, prompting JLo to assertively tell them to 'back off.' However, the situation escalated when another car carrying a group of women drove by and expressed their admiration for Affleck with enthusiastic cat-calls.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael Kovac
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael Kovac

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In a video released by TMZ capturing the tense moment, Lopez didn't mince words. When she heard the cat-calling directed at her husband, she promptly responded with a firm and explicit, "Back up, bitch!" While it remains uncertain if the women across the street caught wind of JLo's reaction, the candid exchange added a touch of real-life drama to the glamorous couple's evening.

Despite the heated moment, Lopez swiftly shifted gears, laughing off the incident as she shared a hug with an unidentified person through her car's window. JLo, known for her iconic anthem Dance Again, demonstrated her adeptness at handling public attention with both poise and a touch of humor, seamlessly combining a strong defense of her husband with a light-hearted moment of connection.

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Elevating the intrigue of the evening was Lopez's sartorial choice—a striking dress adorned with lace and crystals. In an attempt to enjoy a low-key outing, the power couple ventured to a flea market like any other ordinary duo, aiming to fly under the radar. However, their star power made it challenging to escape the notice of keen-eyed observers. The duo's presence at the flea market became an unintentional spectacle as fans and bystanders couldn't help but recognize and react to the celebrity couple casually perusing the market stalls.

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Recently, Lopez claimed her husband, Affleck, helps her 'understand her worth' and makes her feel 'more beautiful than I have ever felt.' JLo is head over heels for the Gone Girl actor despite the rumors of his growing closeness with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, and the Jenny from the Block singer has substantial reasons for that. The songstress expressed her feelings for Affleck in an interview promoting her new lip product, Beso Balm, from JLo Beauty. The 54-year-old gushed over her partner and said he pushes her to recognize her worth and is also her biggest cheerleader in every shape and form. 

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While discussing beauty, the Selena actress revealed, "I'm finally at the point in my life where I love every part of myself, unapologetically," reported Vogue. "Every part of me, my body, my voice, my choices, even, like, my mistakes," adding, "All of it made me who I am and got me to where I am today." She then credited her husband, "Ben wants me to understand my worth and know my value." 

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