Ivanka Trump's Effort to Avoid New York Fraud Trial Testimony Mocked After Appeal Denial

Ivanka Trump's Effort to Avoid New York Fraud Trial Testimony Mocked After Appeal Denial
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Ivanka Trump faced a setback in her efforts to delay her testimony in her father’s civil fraud lawsuit, losing an appeal to delay her scheduled appearance in a $250 million case. Her effort to slightly dodge the trial due to "undue hardship," stating the inconvenient timing of her testimony "in the middle of a school week," was swiftly rejected by an appeals court. The controversial drama unraveled as Ivanka’s brothers, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, took the stand in a New York courtroom for the trial. The Trump brothers testified in a case that could potentially backtrack the Trump family’s business empire in the state. Their trial appearances conflicted with a burst of contentious exchanges, with their father, the former President, posting outrage on Truth Social, alleging, "So sad to see my sons being PERSECUTED in a political Witch Hunt by this out of control, publicity-seeking New York State Judge, on a case that should have NEVER been brought.”

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Drew Angerer
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Drew Angerer

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Ivanka's plea to pause the trial, citing the supposed problems of being called to testify during a school week, was met with criticism. As reported by the Independent, the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, criticized the move, labeling it a ‘drastic’ request that could disrupt the ongoing trial. Trump's biographer, Tim O'Brien, suggested she could be carved up “like a turkey” if “she dissembles and lies about how the Trumps presented their financial statements to banks, insurance companies, and other third parties.” He further said, “This weird kind of psycho-drama that’s playing out in the courtroom now is going to get capped at the end of next week with Ivanka’s testimony, and as we all know, Donald Trump has a very perverse, unsettling relationship with his daughter. He’s talked about wanting to date her. He sees her as this sort of trophy he can parade around.”



HuffPost reports that O’Brien also commented on other siblings of the Trump family: “They are comically ill-informed about everything under the sun, and that is another reason why they dissemble, and the children’s relationship to their father is a hostage video. All of them are beholden to him. They have been since they were children.” The potential aftermath of Ivanka’s actions led to social media buzzing with surprise and disbelief regarding her strategy to sidestep the trial’s testimony.

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Despite the denial of her request by the court, the episode drew mockery and criticism on social media platforms. Many users emphasized Ivanka’s privilege, specifically highlighting her special treatment as compared to working parents. The lawsuit, which initially included Ivanka as a co-defendant but later removed her on statute-of-limitations grounds, is based on allegations that Donald Trump and his sons engaged in fraudulent activities to raise the former president’s net worth. As the legal battle continues, Ivanka's attempts to evade testimony have added a unique twist to a trial already brimming with familial drama and business empire implications. The broader implications of the case loom large as the Trump family navigates through legal scrutiny.

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