Inside '1000-LB. Sisters' Amy Slaton's Exposed Home: Toys and Diapers Cover the Floor

Inside '1000-LB. Sisters' Amy Slaton's Exposed Home: Toys and Diapers Cover the Floor
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Editor's note: This article was originally published on May 15, 2023. It has since been updated.

Amy Slaton recently showcased her messy home via a TikTok video, and she is once again facing backlash for not keeping her home clean. The TLC star filmed her two sons, two-year-old Gage Dion Halterman and eight-month-old Glenn Allen Halterman playing in the living room. According to The U.S. Sun, the adorable video was marred by the sight of a box full of diapers in the corner and stuffed toys littered all over the floor. The video showed Dion Halterman walking around on a hobby horse while Allen Halterman sat in his baby walker and stared in awe at the sounds made by the toy horse. Slaton reportedly apologized for the untidy floors. "Excuse the toys, the boys were playing, but I had to capture this moment and share it with all of you," she wrote. 


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This is not the first time the reality star has been blamed for being a "bad mom with a dirty house." According to Screenrant, Slaton received major backlash from fans after she posted a video on TikTok that featured her son Glenn Allen Halterman crawling around on a filthy floor.

One fan wrote, "Girl throw that cup in the trash!!" while another noted that the eight-month-old was crawling around wearing a dirty diaper with "poop" on his pants. Her unhygienic living conditions have sparked a debate among her fans about the safety of her two boys. Since Slaton has recently embraced single parenthood due to her separation from ex-husband Michael Halterman and the subsequent face-off recently at a Kentucky court regarding the custody of the two boys, she has been going through stress and pressure. 



Amy Slaton has been doing "mother duty on the weekdays" while Michael Halterman has been spending time with his boys on the weekends. However, Halterman has since proposed "full joint custody" and proposes to work out a schedule where he can take care of the couple's children for just as many days of the month as Slaton. He proposed an alternating schedule where he would take care of Gage and Glenn for four days the first week and three the following, but Slaton dismissed it. 

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Previously, fans had criticized the TLC star for leaving what they believed was a “toilet brush” among her two-year-old’s toys, as reported by The Sun. Slaton clapped back at her haters at the time and re-shared the original photo of Dion Halterman with the caption: “Not a toilet bowl brush, it is literally a marshmallow on a stick from a campfire toy set! Wow.” Slaton also posted an enhanced version of the so-called "toilet-brush," and a screenshot of the toy set containing the marshmallow on a stick. 

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Since their split, Michael Halterman has been living at his mother's three-bedroom home and Slaton has moved back in with the boys to the couple's Kentucky home after briefly staying with her sister Tammy Slaton. 

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