Hunter Biden is Pondering Over Fundraising as Legal Bills Reach $10 Million

Hunter Biden is Pondering Over Fundraising as Legal Bills Reach $10 Million
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American attorney and businessman Hunter Biden is currently weighing his options to pay his legal bills, which have already racked up to more than $10 million over the past five years. President Joe Biden's son may need the funds much sooner because the amount is likely to escalate, considering the federal charges he's confronting. 

Image Source: Getty Images  | Kris Connor
Image Source: Getty Images | Kris Connor

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There's a high probability Hunter faces costly trials. However, at this moment, he isn't equipped to pay them. His legal bills comprise the many cases he's fought, like his divorce and custody dispute in Arkansas, and fees incurred during his longstanding federal investigation, including filing lawsuits against his political rivals, reported CNN

Hunter's allies believed the fundraising help would've arrived by now from father Joe Biden's staunch supporters. However, it has been delayed. Meanwhile, after being disappointed with the fundraising option, his legal team discussed another way out: by establishing a legal defense fund. Unfortunately, according to the sources, it didn't materialize either. Previously, the American lawyer attempted to raise money by selling artworks at a higher price. It, too, stirred concerns. 

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A source close to Hunter said, "Nobody will help him financially." As per the same CNN report, his friends have also been worrying about who would shoulder the financial burden if he goes to trial on the firearm charges, for which he pleaded not guilty on Tuesday, October 3, 2024. Any more debt will add troubles to his father's position in the White House, who is already facing federal and congressional investigations for his involvement in his son's business ventures. 

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Hunter's dire financial straits are narrowing as his case of buying a firearm under the influence is in the federal court, and these aren't the last of his legal concerns; the President's son may also face possible charges for alleged tax crimes. Special Counsel David Weiss recently indicted him for purchasing firearms as a 'prohibited person' (federal law demands people to attest they don't use drugs before buying the gun). As per documents, Hunter lied on federal forms in October 2018 when purchasing a gun in Delaware about not being addicted to drugs, even though he was using crack cocaine at the time, as per AP News

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The 53-year-old could potentially face a maximum prison sentence of 25 years and a hefty fine if convicted in the gun case. Although Hunter's legal team is hopeful of some settlement with Special Counsel Weiss, no significant discussions are currently happening to resolve this matter and avoid going to trial. "His legal bills are only going to grow as this gets closer to trial," a second source revealed to CNN. 



Hunter has received help from his friend Kevin Morris, a Hollywood attorney. Apparently, the source stated that Morris covered many bills the businessman had so far. The high-profile lawyer, Abbe Lowell, has also worked for him the past year. Lowell assisted Hunter in suing his political detractors, like the former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, and attorney Robert Costello, for allegedly hacking into his personal data and leading to the 'total annihilation' of Hunter's digital privacy. Amidst the legal troubles mounting, Hunter is lobbying to arrange cash. If any of his artworks are still left to be sold, it is unclear whether Hunter would be able to bear the mounting figures amid the charges he's facing. 

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