Hunter Biden Files Defamation Suit Against Trump Ally for ‘Outrageous’ Bribery Claims Against Him

Hunter Biden Files Defamation Suit Against Trump Ally for ‘Outrageous’ Bribery Claims Against Him
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Already facing a growing list of legal issues, Hunter Biden is now pursuing a lawsuit of his own.

Hunter filed a defamation lawsuit against Patrick Byrne on November 7, claiming the former CEO had falsely accused him of accepting a bribe from Iran. Byrne, an ally of Donald Trump, has previously disseminated many false conspiracies concerning the COVID-19 vaccinations, the 2020 election, and many other matters.

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Image Source: Getty Images | Drew Angerer
Image Source: Getty Images | Drew Angerer


The case was filed as the 2020 election denier falsely made up a link between Hunter and the Hamas assaults on Israel last month. Byrne allegedly claimed in a June piece, according to the lawsuit, that Hunter Biden had gotten in touch with Tehran and offered to have President Biden, his father, "unfreeze $8 billion in Iranian funds" in exchange for $800 million "being funneled" into a bank account, Axios reported.

"To make matters much worse," the lawsuit claims, on or about October 8, Byrne re-posted those "false and defamatory statements" on X that connected Hunter Biden to Iran, with the "clear implication" being that the president's son had "contributed to the terrorist attacks by Hamas" that claimed the lives of over 1,400 Israeli civilians. "These defamatory statements by Byrne are not merely false and not merely malicious — they are completely outrageous," the lawsuit writes, filed in a Los Angeles federal court.


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Byrne's posts concerning Iran and the president's son were viewed by over 100,000 individuals, as per the lawsuit, POLITICO reported. "Byrne knows his statements are baseless and yet published and republished them anyway, and he continues to propagate his lies to anyone who will listen, including his hundreds of thousands of social media followers."

According to the lawsuit, Byrne did not reply to a letter that Hunter wrote him on October 26 requesting that he repudiate the allegations.

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Byrne, who is infamous for promoting conspiracy theories in the weeks following the 2020 election saying that Joe Biden, the current president, had stolen it from Trump, is known for making malicious claims. On December 18, 2020, he reportedly attended a meeting in the Oval Office with attorney Sidney Powell, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Powell pushed Trump to order the military to confiscate voting machines during the meeting.

Wednesday's lawsuit is the most recent in a series of ones that Biden has brought in recent months as House Republicans intensify their investigation into the president and his family in an attempt to remove him from office. Wednesday's lawsuit comes on the same day that the House Republicans subpoenaed Jim Biden and Hunter Biden to testify in an investigation.



In two lawsuits filed by Biden in September, he claimed that two IRS officers were exchanging his tax information illegally. He has also accused Rudy Giuliani, his companies, and his former attorney Robert Costello of computer fraud and violating data access laws, per NBC News.

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