Hunter Biden Complained to Uncle about Losing All Money in Resurfaced Texts: "Can't Pay for Alimony, Food, or Gas"

Hunter Biden Complained to Uncle about Losing All Money in Resurfaced Texts: "Can't Pay for Alimony, Food, or Gas"
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President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, once confided in his uncle, James Biden, about his exhausting finances, which emerged recently in a series of resurfaced texts from December 2018 and were recently discussed by the Daily Mail. As per the outlet's report, the 53-year-old attorney was dependent on his father, Joe Biden, to pay for his needs, including basics like food or gas. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Drew Angerer
Image Source: Getty Images | Drew Angerer

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The messages in IRS whistleblower documents, which the Daily Mail got its hands on, revealed the now 'First Son' was broke and was struggling to pay even his alimony. The now-obtained texts dated back to December 29, 2018, and in one of the messages, Hunter wrote, "I can work when I'm in NYC all day every day for the next 3 months from 8-12. But I can't pay alimony w/o Dad or tuition or for food and gas." Hunter also wrote, "Really, it's all gone." A follow-up message read, "I can go make it up in 15/20 days, I am sure, but he's basically made it clear that he's not paying alimony b/c Mom made clear that she won't do it."

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The attorney also moved into his father's Delaware mansion following his split with sister-in-law turned girlfriend Hallie Biden. Hallie was wife of Hunter's brother Beau, who died in May 2015. The text continued, "Hallie won't allow me to be at the house or lend me or pay me back any money. Ashley moves into momoms house after I told Dad that I would move in there."

Another text also went on to clarify, "That night, I tell Dad I want to probably stay in the area, and specifically, I wanted to live by you and teach my course at Penn and maybe develop another one." Hunter's uncle James responded, "This can work; you need a safe harbor. I can work with your father alone!!" 

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Image Source: Getty Images | Anna Moneymaker
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Anna Moneymaker


"We, as usual, just need several months of his help for this to work. Let's talk about it. It makes perfect sense to me. This is difficult to fully vet without talking," James acknowledged. "Will you please call me on w/A. We can develop a plan together. It can work. I'm going to try to call you again; please answer." 

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The text exchange was in a litany of documents released by the House Ways and Means Committee. In January 2019, Hunter claimed he gave half his salary to his father, Joe Biden. In a text exchange with daughter Naomi, he said, "It's really hard. But don't worry, unlike Pop, I won't make you give me half your salary."



The texts resurfaced days after financial records (obtained by Congress) revealed Chinese businesses sent $250,000 to Joe Biden's private home in 2019, as per Fox News. The amount came in two wire transfers in the name of Hunter, who listed his father's Wilmington, Delaware, home as his own address. This also led to numerous reports where experts wondered if the 80-year-old may have benefitted from his son's business dealings. James Corner, who is the chair of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, obtained bank records, which stated the Democrat's Wilmington, Delaware, home at '1209 Barley Mill Rd' was the beneficiary address. 

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