Here's What Kamala Harris Said While Officiating Her Stepson, Cole Emhoff's Wedding

Here's What Kamala Harris Said While Officiating Her Stepson, Cole Emhoff's Wedding
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Vice President Kamala Harris has stepped into many roles over her decades-long career, but last month, she stepped into a role much closer to her heart: the officiant at her stepson's wedding.

Harris did not only that but also imparted some beautiful advice on how to keep a marriage strong, something she learned from her successful marriage with Doug Emhoff. "There were a couple of pieces," she told PEOPLE about the advice she shared with the newlyweds. "One of them was, 'Pay attention to your marriage. Pay attention to it and be purposeful and intentional about nurturing it.'"

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She also revealed a tidbit about a habit she and Doug practice, suggesting the newlyweds practice the same, “I gave them a piece of advice, which is that at the end of every day, find some way to check in, no matter how tired you are or how many miles apart you may be, even if it’s just at the end of the day, and say ‘I love you.’”

This is a habit Harris and Emhoff indulge in every day, “check-ins” in the morning and the evening. “She’s an amazing wife, loving to me,” Emhoff, a professor at Georgetown Law. “She focuses on me as much as I focus on her. Maybe I’m a little more public about it.”


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“Behind the scenes,” Emhoff adds of the vice president, “she’s just a wonderful, caring, loving wife and great mom, auntie, friend.” Harris loves to She loves to laugh, cook, and she loves music.” Harris is a “great partner in every sense of the word,” the doting husband shared.

Harris, who loves her 9-year-long marriage, also adds of her marriage, “I love my husband. I love our marriage. I want for those two [her stepson Cole Emhoff and Greenley Littlejohn] to have a loving marriage where they are best friends and they know that it’s not just them against the world, that our family supports them. That the community of people that came together at the wedding supports [them].”

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Kevin Dietsch
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Kevin Dietsch


Harris has previously revealed that her favorite nickname is the one she got from her stepchildren, Cole, 29, and Ella, 24, is “Momala”, per PEOPLE. She says that she finds the most peace when she's surrounded by her family, and she's cooking, which she realized while all her family came down for the wedding weekend. “Recently for the wedding weekend, my baby nieces, my husband gets up early and does his coffee and whatever, and they just came running in my room and then jumped in bed with me, and we just talked and laughed.”


That much-needed downtime is currently scarce. Global unrest persists, the 2024 election season is rapidly approaching, and millions of Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, remain dissatisfied with several matters. The vice president, though, draws strength from a surprising anthem. “I just love that song,” she says of Queen Bey's Break My Soul. “I play it all the time. I think it’s one of the anthems for women . . . when [Beyoncé says] ‘you,’ you could be life, you could be a person, you could be a situation. You will not break my soul. I can endure.”

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