Kylie Jenner Slammed After Reality Star Used Fake Background in Video

Kylie Jenner Slammed After Reality Star Used Fake Background in Video
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Kylie Jenner was recently caught in a white lie while promoting her fitness routine. The multi-millionaire reality star is known to promote leading brands. In her viral Tik-Tok video, she is seen working out at the Alo Yoga Sanctuary wearing skintight black leggings and a matching sports bra as she got on the treadmill and also squatted on the strength-training leg machine while posing for some selfies. 

As reported by The Sun, fans were quick to notice that the whole setup for the gym was a promotional activity. They claimed that Jenner was just pretending to exercise because the background was shrouded with thick "black curtains, instead of a glass doorway." Viewers also noticed that the curtains were "covering up an EXIT sign" in a "studio filled with the brand’s gym equipment everywhere." 


In the short clip, Jenner is seen exiting her residence and starting up her car to make her way to the Alo Yoga Sanctuary gym. She then enters the gym and starts her workout routine while occasionally posing for selfies and capturing herself in the video. The background looks practically empty, and fans instantly posted their reactions under the video, calling the reality star's moves blatant lies. They heavily slammed Jenner for attempting to hide the details that she was actually promoting an advertisement for the gym.  

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One user posted: "Why is this gym dimly lit? It screams fake to me and is one big ad in your face." Another fan assumed "I think it’s a glowing EXIT sign above the curtain. I was just pointing out how stripping away the Alo products makes it looks like a designated room you can temporarily decorate for a photo shoot/video."

A third critic blamed: "There ain’t no way she goes out in public to a place like this when she has her own gym to work out in." Another user claimed: "There are other people casually working out around her, but I can only imagine they are being paid to look natural."


However, the 25-year-old mother of two looked fabulous as she flaunted her toned physique in the video. Jenner casually showed off her toned abs and trimmed midriff — while rocking an all-black athleisure ensemble that accentuated her slim figure. At the start of the clip, she is seen at home slipping into her black trainers and walking out the door. The black leggings accentuated her toned legs and the black crop top showcased her washboard abs. The reality star looked fitter than ever during the whole workout video. 

She opted for a makeup-free style, letting her long black hair down and styling it with a side parting. Kylie can also be seen training her thighs with a sled and closing in with a mirror selfie while walking on the treadmill doing light cardio. She then proceeds to end the video with a quick shot of her masseuse as the table is being prepared to give the beauty mogul a relaxing massage. 

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