Expert Opinion: Ivanka Trump ‘Threw Trump Under the Bus’ in Her Testimony for the NY Fraud Trial

Expert Opinion: Ivanka Trump ‘Threw Trump Under the Bus’ in Her Testimony for the NY Fraud Trial
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Ivanka Trump's testimony in her father Donald Trump's New York fraud trial did far more harm than it did good to her family. Ivanka Trump's evidence in her family's New York civil fraud lawsuit appears to have backfired catastrophically, according to CNN legal commentator Norm Eisen's view, in what can only be characterized as a courtroom drama with more twists and turns than a soap opera, per Salon

As Eisen spoke to host Wolf Blitzer, he dryly commented, “She threw him under the bus. She did not defend these financial statements. She said she didn't prepare them. She didn't review them and approve them. So if he was looking to her for help, he didn't get it. Or a lot of 'I don't know' and 'I don't remember' to protect herself.”

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Alon Skuy
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Alon Skuy


Not one to overlook a legal detail, Eisen also brought up the "one Perry Mason moment" when Ivanka was being questioned by the New York Attorney General team. “Because this proceeding has been about dishonesty and New York confronted Ivanka with a personal guarantee. Her father was supposed to make a personal guarantee.”

“They confronted her with evidence that the father turned around and demanded that his kids guarantee him the guarantee. So it was neither personal nor guarantee,” adding, “It was like when he said intent doesn't mean we will do it,” he said. Her testimony, Eisen reiterated, “was a Perry Mason moment.”


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Following his daughter's testimony, Trump took to his Truth Social platform on November 9, per Raw Story, to launch yet another tirade against Judge Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing his civil fraud prosecution in New York, and AG James. "We have proven our innocence in the FAKE A.G. 'case,'" wrote Trump.

"We have WON ON EVERY POINT, including the fact that their so-called 'Star' witness is a complete FRAUD, who openly admitted in Court that he lied and that the information he gave to the bloodthirsty and disgraceful Attorney General was not factual or true. HE MADE IT ALL UP!"

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Evidence presented on November 8 during Ivanka Trump's hearing revealed a contract between her father and Deutsche Bank, per Salon. He guaranteed a minimum net worth of $2.5 billion, promised to cover principal, yearly, and operational income, and agreed to provide a personal guarantee in exchange for advantageous interest rates.

However, this net worth threshold is a roadblock, as Trump and a corporate executive admitted in an email discussion. Her father brazenly told the bank that his net worth exceeded $4 billion despite this. The ongoing legal drama demonstrates that reality sometimes seems weirder than fiction.



In the civil fraud case, which contends that Trump and his two adult sons misrepresented the worth of the Trump Organization's assets to obtain preferential loan and tax treatment, Engoron has already rendered a decision against Trump on the merits of the case. James is now requesting that the Trumps pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and that their company be shut down in the state.

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