Donald Trump Says Michael Cohen 'Lied Like a Dog' During New York Fraud Trial: "I Did Nothing Wrong"

Donald Trump Says Michael Cohen 'Lied Like a Dog' During New York Fraud Trial: "I Did Nothing Wrong"
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Former president Donald Trump took to his social media to slam Michael Cohen, his former fixer who joins the list of ex-aides who have recently turned against Trump.

Late on October 25, Trump celebrated on social media, declaring that the prosecution's case was “dead” following Cohen's apparent contradiction of himself at the stand earlier in the day. Cohen, who was New York Attorney General Letitia James’s “star” witness, according to Trump, “lied like a dog on the stand today", and then admitted "I did NOTHING WRONG. … A total SleazeBag.”

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Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Michael M. Santiago
Image Source: Getty Images | Michael M. Santiago


“The New York State Attorney General's case against me is DEAD, but the Radical Left Judge REFUSES to end it. He just can’t let it go,” Trump wrote on Truth Social, reiterating one of his common jabs at the judge presiding over the New York trial. “Letitia James should focus on Violent Crime, which is out of control. So unfair. I don’t even get a Jury Trial. A blight on the New York State Judicial System. Businesses are watching all over the world and never coming in, only moving out. The Governor should get involved,” he slammed, adding that this is an act of “Election Interference by my Political Opponent!”



Trump's statement came after an unexpected day of testimony in the civil fraud case. Cohen testified that Trump never directed him to inflate his net worth, despite stating the exact opposite earlier this week. When Cohen was asked by Clifford Robert, a lawyer for Trump's sons, “Mr. Trump never directed you to inflate the numbers in his statement. Yes or no?” Cohen responded with a “Yes.”

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The inquiry came after an uneasy conversation in which the former attorney dodged a direct question. He then claimed that Trump's lawyers were “cherry-picking” passages from his testimony to justify his supposed inconsistency. Cohen also reiterated a point he has stated repeatedly, namely that the former president would “tell you without specifically telling you” what to do and “speaks like a mob boss.”


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Several legal experts have also concurred with Cohen's interpretation of Trump's remarks. Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin, who spent more than 25 years teaching constitutional law, believes that Trump's current strategies are in line with his previous contempt for democratic and legal standards. “Trump’s relationship to the law and the justice system is straight out of the autocrat’s playbook,” said Raskin, per The Guardian. “He’s incapable of seeing judges acting in anything other than completely personal and political ways.”

“The law and justice system are just a favor bank in Trump world. He’s like a mob boss. For him, a judge is either a lackey in his pocket or his sworn enemy. Trump’s legal and political agendas are fused at this point. His whole strategy is to avoid a reckoning with justice before the election.”


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