Donald Trump Makes Hilarious Gaffe Implying That Barack Obama Was Still the President of US

Donald Trump Makes Hilarious Gaffe Implying That Barack Obama Was Still the President of US
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Former President Donald Trump made the hilarious mistake of implying that President Barack Obama was still in office, while Republicans continued to question President Biden's mental state. The embarrassing moment came during Trump's address at a Claremont, New Hampshire, campaign rally on November 11. Trump, who is running for the Republican nomination in advance of the 2024 presidential election, confused supporters at the gathering when he said that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had just demanded that Barack Obama resign from office, reports Business Insider

Cover Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by D Dipasupil
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by D Dipasupil

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Recalling a recent interview he saw with "powerful" Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, he said, "They were interviewing [Orban] two weeks ago, and they said, 'What would you advise President Obama? The whole world seems to be exploding and imploding.' And he said, 'It's very simple. He should immediately resign, and they should replace him with President Trump, who kept the world safe'." Trump had another faux pas with Orbán last month when, in a meandering address in Derry, New Hampshire, he mistakenly referred to him as the leader of Turkey.



The topic of age has been a common discussion point in the 2024 presidential contest, which is expected to have 77-year-old Trump and 80-year-old Biden as contenders. The errors occurred amid the media's fixation on Biden's mental clarity. Merely 32% of participants in a May Washington Post-ABC News survey expressed confidence that Biden's "mental sharpness" would suffice for the White House.

Recently, Trump has issued dire warnings about the impending start of "World War II", called Mr. Orban the "leader of Turkey", falsely stated that Hungary "shared a border with Russia", and confused Sioux City, Iowa, the location of his October 29 campaign rally, with Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Forbes reported.

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Trump's adversaries are questioning his mental capabilities. The group sponsoring Florida Governor Ron DeStantis's faltering bid for the presidency recently shared a series of awkward statements made by the 77-year-old Trump. During a recent gathering of Jewish donors, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley also made fun of Trump for his remarks on the leaders of China and North Korea. Haley claimed that Trump was "confused" about which nations are US allies and enemies.

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Aside from GOP rivals, even the Biden campaign has taken to questioning Trump's mental capacity. The Biden campaign used social media to parody the former president's gaffes. The campaign noted that Trump had trouble pronouncing "Hamas" correctly and had made several odd remarks, such as speculating that he created the American acronym and then realizing it was pronounced like the word "us."



"The Biden campaign feels like it's filling a void in media coverage because there's wall-to-wall coverage of everything President Biden says or stumbles on, but there is a lack of coverage of Donald Trump's increasingly erratic behavior," an official told The Washington Post.

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