Donald Trump Attacks “Radical Left” Judge in NY Fraud Case on Truth Social Despite Gag Order

Donald Trump Attacks “Radical Left” Judge in NY Fraud Case on Truth Social Despite Gag Order
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Former President Donald Trump has continued to criticize Manhattan Judge, Arthur Engoron, on his Truth Social platform repeatedly, even after the judge imposed a gag order to prevent the ex-president from attacking court staff. The judge is overseeing the civil fraud trial in New York against him and the Trump Organization. 

After Trump published a now-deleted extremely nasty post on Truth Social targeting Engoron's clerk, Engoron issued a gag order on October 3 prohibiting parties to the case—including but not limited to Trump—from discussing his court personnel in public, reported Forbes. But Trump doesn't seem to be shaken by the gag order. On October 5, he took to his Truth Social media to slam the judge himself, while also issuing a call for “help” in his case.

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He has not given up on criticizing Engoron, branding the judge a “Radical Left Judge” on Truth Social early on October 5, asserting that “It is not possible that he can be fair,” per Salon.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Spencer Platt
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Spencer Platt


The New York Attorney General is suing the former president and his company over claims that they falsely overstated the value of their assets for personal gain. As the case has developed, Trump has attacked the judge on several occasions - with harsher critique since last week when the judge determined that Trump and other defendants are guilty of fraud ahead of trial.

“A Radical Left Judge, who came up through the Democrat Club System, will decide. It is not possible that he can be fair. Every decision he makes has been a horror show. It is why I do the set-asides with the media - To explain the case, and what is going on,” he wrote on Truth Social just hours before the fourth day of trial in his civil fraud case was scheduled to start.

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“Our CORRUPT, RACIST, & INCOMPETENT A.G., Letitia ‘Peekaboo’ James, considered the WORST ATTORNEY GENERAL IN THE UNITED STATES, refused to bring this case under the respected ‘Commercial Division,’ where judges understand Valuations and Real Estate. This Trump Hating Judge doesn’t. The Appellant Division must intercede, NOW,” he raged on social media.

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Although he attended the entire day on the first two days of the trial, New York Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the lawsuit, revealed in the middle of the third day that the former president had left early after spending Wednesday, October 4, proceeding disrupting the court with groans in the courtroom and nonverbal protests.

In a separate post, Trump slammed the New York AG, labeling the case “absurd,” and calling AG James “racist” and “incompetent.” He claimed the case was a global mockery, damaging the New York legal system and courts. Trump also expressed frustration about not having a jury and called for the Commercial Division to take over the case, saying, “This is sooo bad for New York. HELP! The respected Commercial Division, where it should have been sent in the first place, must take over this sh** show.”


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