Donald Trump and His Late Sister Maryanne Barry ‘Cooled’ Their Relationship Before Her Death

 Donald Trump and His Late Sister Maryanne Barry ‘Cooled’ Their Relationship Before Her Death
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Former President Donald Trump is commonly known for his passionate political career and savvy business skills. When he isn’t out there dealing with one legal trial after another or campaigning to get re-elected in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Elections, he’s spending time with his family. Although his wife Melania Trump and their children are often in the spotlight, information concerning other members remains slightly foggy. However, when it comes to his late sister Maryanne Barry who sadly passed away on the 13th of November at 86 years old; they were known to have the perfect sibling bond. But it appears things were not at all how it seemed in the slightest. 

Image Source: Getty Images |  Photo by Ron Galella - Ron Galella Collection
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Ron Galella - Ron Galella Collection

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According to People, the former Federal Judge and Prosecutor Barry wasn’t very close to her dear brother Trump. As per a source, things between the two siblings had a falling out after Trump’s niece - Mary Trump, released a secret audio tape featuring Barry. As per The Washington Post, the tape uncovered Barry’s rather harsh critique of her brother in 2020. In the conversation, the former Federal Judge would often refer to her brother as “Cruel” and “Phony”; words not uttered in public.

A source with knowledge of the matter and close to the Trump family commented on it, “As is the way it often is with thin-skinned Donald when he heard about some of the things his older sister said about him to Mary Trump, he got bent out of shape and they cooled the relationship.”



Furthermore, the source sheds light on how close both Trump and Barry were before the tape leaked many years ago. The source claimed reminiscing, “Before that they had talked quite a bit over the years, as he admired and trusted her on many legal and business issues.” The source continued, “He was proud of where she went in her career and boasted about it, often taking some credit for her success.” The source went on to note that because the Trump family have been known to be rather closely-knit with each other, “A lot of this was kept quiet and not discussed publicly.” 

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Another source alleged that Barry was actually very critical of her brother’s actions in the realm of politics and business; something she didn’t appreciate about him. The source said, “She thought he was born without empathy for others, and was basically a ruthless and selfish businessman without character.”

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Furthermore, the source noted that “She basically didn’t trust much of anything he did in business or politically.” Likewise, there were numerous sources who produced contrasting claims concerning their relationship prior to the death of Barry: some positive others negative. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tom Gates
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tom Gates


A political source strongly claimed that Trump did try to mend his severed bond with his beloved late sister. However, given that he allegedly was still sensitive about the thought of it, he didn’t proceed to change things. In addition, the source explained, “Once you have stabbed Donald in the back” he isn’t exactly going to immediately forgive. The source added, “But for a family member who can offer him something, or who has something on him, he is more forgiving.”



Lastly, a source close to the family in Florida unveiled how they're all dealing with the aftermath of Barry’s death. The source said, “The family is upset about her death and will do whatever is needed to close out her affairs.” 

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