Blac Chyna Slammed With $340K Tax Debt After Admitting to "Not Paying for Years"

Blac Chyna Slammed With $340K Tax Debt After Admitting to "Not Paying for Years"
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Blac Chyna, has reportedly been slammed with a tax debt of $340K after admitting to not paying them since 2017. The beauty mogul was issued a tax lien owing a total amount of $348,072.00 on January 25 this year by the Franchise Tax Board of the state of California on account of not filing her taxes between 2019 and 2021.

She was issued the notice officially on February 4, and she immediately sought out a legal council, after which she reportedly worked the details of the deal with the government and strongly assured them that she will file her taxes on time in the future, reports The Sun.

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The dilemma of her tax problems came to light last year when she made her appearance in court to file a lawsuit against the Kardashian family. Chyna claimed that they were responsible for the cancellation of the second season of her show Rob & Chyna, the first season of which got discontinued in 2016.

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As per Insider, Chyna dated the Kardashian's brother, Rob Kardashian after they were seen flirting publically on Instagram in 2016, and soon enough, their romance rumors were confirmed. They, unfortunately, didn't have a slow-burn romance like in the movies, but rather a relationship that proceeded very quickly. After meeting in January, the pair moved in together the following month.



Following news of their co-habitation coming to light, the lovers announced their pregnancy and engagement in the month of April and went on to start their own show together. However, after the show ended and the couple welcomed their daughter Renee Dream, things between them began falling out and the couple parted ways for good in December.

The issue regarding her tax payments came up during an argument in court when Michael Rhodes, the Kardashian's representative lawyer presented to the jury numerous official records of Chyna's bank statements and tax returns over the years. He presented a strong defense by proving there were no records of bank statements from her personal accounts; only business account transactions were available on record. He further pointed out the "missing tax returns" from 2018.

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Rhodes proceeded to interrogate Chyna on the matter and asked if she'd filed any recent tax returns, to which she responded with "No I have not." In this shocking reveal, Chyna explained that she had not filed taxes for herself since 2017 because her previous financial attorney did some serious damage, and she was looking for a new accountant desperately since then. 

The tax bill was revealed earlier after authorities found out she also took out a $2.6 million mortgage on the $3.8 million lavish mansion she owns at Woodland Hills. According to reports, a 13-page legal document signed by "Angela Renee White" (Chyna's real name) reveals that she owes Hometown Mortgage LLC a whopping $2,638,000 plus interest that has to be paid in full by the March 1, 2053.

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