SNES Classic: Nintendo Announces Super Nintendo Classic Edition, A Mini Console Equipped With 21 Classic Games

Nintendo has announced the Super NES Classic Edition, the highly anticipated mini console that will serve as a follow-up to the previously released NES Classic. While it isn’t necessarily a surprise that the SNES Classic has been announced, the lineup of games included is more than reason enough to be excited. As it was with […]

Nintendo Switch Getting More Wii-U Ports? Nintendo Of America President Talks Possibility

Fans and owners of the Nintendo Switch could be in for a treat that might have already been expected. The Nintendo brand has produced many classics in its time. While the Wii U could be considered a “hit or miss” console, there’s no denying that some of its titles were definitely the former. If you […]

‘Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’: How To Unlock Samurai And Red Mage Jobs

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood has opened the floodgates to new story quests, changes to each job, and basic changes to ensure that the game is more smooth and maneuverable for its players. Alongside such changes, Square Enix has also incorporated new jobs: Red Mage and Samurai. Both jobs are DPS (Damage dealing) types, and it […]

‘Dragon Ball Fighter Z’: Future Trunks Being Added To Playable Roster

Fans of the Dragon Ball Z series are in for a treat with Dragon Ball Fighter Z slated to be coming out next year. E3 2017 showcased upcoming titles that have brought much hype to the table. Among these is the Arc System Works project Dragon Ball Fighter Z, a 3v3 fighting game that uses […]

‘Injustice 2’ DLC: Sub-Zero To Join The Roster On July 11, Director Ed Boon Confirms

It looks like Injustice 2 will be getting a taste of Mortal Kombat next month. With the game freshly released and picking up steam in the competitive scene, Injustice 2 is shaping up to be a consistent fighting game title among casuals and pro players alike. NetherRealm Studios, the mind behind the DC brawler, has […]

Speedrunner Beats ‘Prey’ In Under Seven Minutes, Setting New Record [Video]

One of Bethesda’s latest titles has been beaten in just under seven minutes. Gamers should be no strangers to the art of “speed running,” the act of attempting to finish a game in the fastest time possible. While it isn’t your conventional way to play a video game, it’s become widely accepted as an entertaining […]

‘Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’ Server Issues: Congestion And Login Problems Caused By DDOS Attacks

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood went live on June 16, giving early access to players who pre-ordered the game. If one thing is certain, however, it’s that MMO releases are hardly ever as smooth as one would hope. With thousands of players finished with Square Enix’s Heavensward expansion, Stormblood is a new look into Final Fantasy […]

‘Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite’ Adds Rocket Raccoon, Details Taking This ‘Marvel’ From Past Entries

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite has seen quite a bit of information over the past few weeks. With one of Capcom’s most recognizable games looking to be different from the rest, is it safe to say that Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite will take the game back to its original roots? Capcom may have just that in […]

‘Injustice 2’ DLC Characters Revealed: Sub-Zero, Red Hood, Starfire Join The Fray [Video]

The DC universe is opening its doors to one of the biggest struggles in its history. Injustice 2 news continues to pour out with news of gameplay and new characters. Recently, we’ve seen Poison Ivy and other new characters in action. We’ve also been given information on “Shattered Alliances,” the main concept of the game’s […]

‘Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’: Benchmark Released, Live Letter Details Expansion Specifics

Final Fantasy XIV is preparing to see its newest expansion, Stormblood, next month. Players have conquered the woes of Ishgard, and it’s almost time to move on to the next chapter in the Final Fantasy XIV world. Fans have read the stars of the Astrologian, conquered the darkness of the Dark Knight, and riddled foes […]

‘Overwatch’ Issues: Healers Receiving Less Skill Rating, Blizzard Claims Issue Is Taking Time To Be Fixed’

Overwatch is seeing large updates in regards to its content, and the most recent patch brings PvE (Player Versus Monster) content to forefront. However, there are problems that exist below the surface. While Overwatch gets its fun and hype by the kills and combat of its characters, Kotaku reports that healers seem to be getting […]

‘Injustice 2’: Poison Ivy Teaser Released, Official Character Trailer To Be Released Tomorrow

Injustice 2 is gaining hype, and a new challenger looks to be stepping onto the stage tomorrow. NetherRealm Studio has been hard at work with the development of Injustice 2, the latest project to involve heroes and villains from the DC Universe. We’ve been exposed to a growing roster of characters, and NetherRealm is going […]

‘World Of Warcraft: Tomb Of Sargeras’ Update: Developers Discuss Patch 7.2 Details

World of Warcraft recently released a huge update, The Tomb of Sargeras. Since then, players have been able to explore its ins and outs in detail. Whether you’re a Retribution Paladin or an Enhancement Shaman, The Tomb of Sargeras has much to offer. From class quests to a new dungeon, every aspect of the update […]

‘Black Sails’ Creators Talk Series Finale, Discuss Moments In Show [Spoilers]

Black Sails, a television show that serves as the prequel to Treasure Island, experienced its series finale. As such, questions about characters and their fates were all decided. While some series finales seem to leave a cliffhanger, the general reception of the last of the Black Sails episode left fans with a sense of longevity […]

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Issues, Fan Concerns To Be Addressed By BioWare

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been both a major hit and a major miss. While many have praised Mass Effect: Andromeda as a great game, there are issues that stand out. It looks as though BioWare has work to do, and fan concerns are among the biggest things to be discussed. It’s no secret that BioWare […]

Black Adam Added To ‘Injustice 2’ Roster, Shattered Alliance Details

Injustice 2 looks to be getting a bigger roster, and it’s been confirmed that Black Adam will be on it. If you’ve been keeping up with the Injustice 2 reveals, you’re aware that we’re receiving both old and new characters that will play their own part in the new game’s story. We’ve seen tidbits of […]

E3 2017 Expected To Be Big For Nintendo, President Of Nintendo Says

As always, gamers and fans alike are waiting for the next big gaming reveal. With E3 on the way, it’s no secret that developers are looking to surprise and delight. It looks as though Nintendo is confident that their portion of the E3 presentation is going to be huge. In a report by GameSpot, Nintendo […]

‘Street Fighter V’ PC Beta To Go Live March 28, Capcom Testing Matchmaking

It appears that Capcom is working on even more changes for Street Fighter V. We already know that Capcom has been tuning characters for balance. While some receive buffs, others have received necessary nerfs. In an update that deals more with the system than gameplay, Capcom is looking to make an overhaul to the Capcom […]

‘Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite’ To Be Easy To Pick Up & Play, Developers Say

Information regarding Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite has been few and far between. However, it appears that developers have given fans a tidbit of information that could please the masses while they wait for more. Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, Capcom’s latest project in the fighting game series, has given enthusiasts understandable hype. We’ve been exposed to […]

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Animation Issues, BioWare With No Plans For Day 1 Patch

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to be released in a couple of days, and fans are understandably excited. It’s been a long time since the conclusion of Commander Shepard’s epic adventures across space with the Normandy and its crew. We’ve had a chance to fall in love, battle enemies much larger than us, and negotiate […]

‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’: Activision Talks Sequel Returning To Its Roots

Call of Duty continues to draw speculation, but it isn’t the kind that developers would like. The hopes that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare would be successful were mixed. As predicted, the game garnered a plethora of opinions. While it hasn’t been a complete failure, it’s arguable that everyone can agree that it didn’t do […]

Chance The Rapper Wins First Grammy For Best New Artist And Rap Performance

It’s been a big day for artist Chance the Rapper. While the name gives clear indication as to who Chance is, there’s far more to the artist than rapping. Born Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, the 23-year-old rapper out of Illinois has reason to celebrate. In what could be considered a huge surprise to some and the […]

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’: Sidequests Will Be ‘Meaningful,’ BioWare Confirms

Mass Effect: Andromeda is on its way to consoles next month, and fans are in for some changes. You’ve saved the world multiple times over. You’ve faced off against a multitude of different enemies, forged friendship and love between crew members, and explored the vastness of space in search of resources and new experiences. If […]

‘Overwatch’ News: Blizzard Issues Warning, Story Confirmed To Have New Content Waiting

Players in Overwatch are getting the ban hammer, and for good reason. Competitive play in Overwatch is serious. If you’ve been in the trenches to raise your score or measure your skill in placement battles, it’s a good chance that you’ve seen how great the struggle can be. Players will put together team compositions designed […]

‘Nioh’: Reviews Are In, And Team Ninja Looks To Have A Hit With Upcoming Title

Team Ninja may have outdone themselves with their latest. Nioh, the samurai-esque action hit that brings more difficulty than your standard Dark Souls game, is approaching its release date. We’ve already been introduced to the beta, and this title is going to require patience and precision to beat. While Team Ninja’s previous releases haven’t been […]

‘Injustice 2’: Black Canary Joins Roster, Update Patch Balances Gameplay [Video]

Injustice 2 is getting closer to hitting consoles. In the meantime, those participating in the beta are becoming more familiar with the available roster. We’ve received a steady amount of information on what we can expect from the new characters. Graphics have been updated, we’ve gained new information on how the gear systems and sets […]

‘Injustice 2’ Beta: How Gear Works, Gear Sets, Gear Slots Explained

The Injustice 2 beta has given players an opportunity to duke it out with the world’s greatest heroes and villains. NetherRealm Studios has been hard at work with Injustice 2, having revealed multiple elements since the game’s initial reveal. We’ve seen characters like Supergirl and Atrocitus added to the roster, and the gameplay looks to […]

‘Tekkie 7’: ‘Rage And Sorrow’ Trailer Revealed, Release Date Confirmed For Console

Fighting game enthusiasts have reason to rejoice. Tekken 7 has been in the works for quite some time, but we’ve heard little from Bandai Namco in the way of when consoles would be receiving the game. With the release of Tekken 7’s “Rage and Sorrow” trailer, however, we have concrete information on what we can […]

‘Oceanhorn’: Zelda-Like Title Coming To Nintendo Switch, Developers Confirm

The Nintendo Switch continues to bring in reveals for its release, and another has recently been confirmed. We know that the Nintendo Switch is looking to be a creative system, and multiple titles have been announced since its unveiling. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Arms, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, […]

‘Resident Evil 7’: Producer Talks Story, Game Difficulty, & Survival Horror Aspect Of Capcom’s Latest

Resident Evil 7 is quickly approaching as fans get ready to go back to the roots of survival horror. For months, questions have been raised in regards to Capcom and the seemingly complete spin they’ve put on their upcoming Resident Evil installment. We’re not simply running through waves of zombies and pulling big guns out […]

‘Injustice 2’ Beta Confirmed, Registration Available For Early Access

Fists and batarangs are ready to fly as Injustice 2 continues to be revealed over time. With the new Injustice boasting a growing roster, players are wondering what they should expect from NetherRealm Studios. Director Ed Boon is as cryptic as ever, but the latest reveals that fans will be able to get their hands […]

‘Nioh’: Team Ninja Talks Upcoming Samurai Title And Development Process

Difficulty is the name of the game with Nioh, Team Ninja’s latest project set to hit the PlayStation 4. It looks as though hacking and slashing won’t be enough this time around. With Nioh being said to be a difficult game, players will need to fight their battles carefully. Some are calling it homage to […]

‘Call Of Duty’: Activision Lead Brand Manager Talks Making First-Person Shooter Number One

It looks as though Activision is hoping to rise from the ashes of Call of Duty’s criticism. The eSports community has been a huge part of gaming for some time now, and expansion is on the rise. With huge broadcasts from ESPN and other sources of sports streaming games, fans and players can expect that […]

‘Overwatch’: Roadhog Hook Getting Nerfed, To Receive Adjustment, Ana’s Healing Nerfed — Balance Changes Incoming Via Patch

Tired of getting hooked on Roadhog? If so, you might be interested in a nerf that seems worse than this pun. Overwatch continues to grow, and developer Blizzard is actively searching for new ways to balance the game. This time around, it looks as though Roadhog and D.Va are in the line of sight for […]

Soulja Boy Claims Feud With Chris Brown Started Over Rihanna, Says She Contacted Him After Brown’s Assault

The beef between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown continues to grow. This isn’t anything that we haven’t seen before. Two celebrities taking social media shots at each other, rumors flying across social media, and threats that entertain the masses until it all dies down or one side apologizes to the other. Despite the usual incidents, […]

‘Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite’: Mega Man X Huge Part Of Cinematic Story Mode, Developers Reveal

Capcom is shaking things up with new Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite details. We first heard about the new Marvel Vs. Capcom title last month during PlayStation Experience 2016. Since then, we’ve seen a few trailers that detail some of the characters that we’ll be getting in the new installment. Captain America, Morrigan, Captain Marvel, Iron […]

New ‘God Of War’: PS4 Game Capable Of Full Play Through, Developers Say

God of War is on its way to PlayStation 4, and fans are eager to see Kratos in action. While there have been many God of War installments in the series, the latest from Santa Monica Studio appears to be taking the game in a new direction. We’re not just beating the heads of ugly […]

Rapper Troy Ave Shot Twice On Christmas Day, In Stable Condition After Being Hospitalized

Christmas is usually a joyous holiday, but quite unfortunate for some. Such is the case for rapper Troy Ave (Roland Collins), a 31-year-old artist from Brooklyn, New York. In a report by NBC New York, it’s been confirmed that the artist was shot at twice on Christmas day. The incident occurred while Ave was sitting […]

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’: Creative Director Talks Game Animation, Abilities, Inspiration From ‘Destiny’

The Mass Effect series continues to grow with Andromeda being developed. The latest from Bioware and Electronic Arts, Mass Effect: Andromeda, pulls players into a new story that will take place in a similar manner to previous games. We know that the protagonist is different, but it looks like there will be a massive overhaul […]

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Review: Does Square Enix Have Its Greatest Installment With Noctis & Crew? [Opinion]

By now, many have had the opportunity to get their hands on Final Fantasy XV. It’s been 10 years since the beginning of this Final Fantasy journey. Finally, we’re graced with the finished product that Square Enix has so vigorously been working on and changing to add to the experience. If you’re wondering if Final […]

‘Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’ Release Date, New Class, And Collector’s Edition Announced At Fan Festival 2016

With Heavensward tackled and conquered by many, players have been wondering what new challenge awaits. Square Enix has answered, announcing more details about the upcoming expansion to Final Fantasy XIV called Stormblood. The announcement was made at this year’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo. A previous announcement had been made at a Fan […]

‘Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3’ Review: Is The PlayStation 4 Port Worth The Purchase? [Opinion]

Marvel and Capcom have teamed up again, bringing an iconic series to current generation. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was announced at PlayStation Experience this year. Alongside Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, a game in the works by Capcom, UMvC3 is arguably one of the more iconic titles to have been updated and brought to the […]

‘Rogue One’: Luke Skywalker Actor Mark Hamill Weighs In On ‘Star Wars’ Film, Movie Scores Big

By now, Star Wars fans have flocked to theaters to see Rogue One. The highly anticipated movie opened up over the weekend, and predictions were high that the movie was going to do extremely well. Some would say that the movie was already on its way to being a hit because of its previous installments, […]

‘Street Fighter V’: Season 2 DLC Brings Rage Quit Penalty Icon, Balance Updates Leaked Early

It looks as though Capcom is finally cracking down on rage quitters. No doubt, we’ve all been exposed to individuals who don’t play fairly. Street Fighter V is one example of this, and players often circumvent the rules to retain the precious points racked up in Ranked Match. The issue has been plaguing the game […]

‘Super Mario Run’: Shigeru Miyamoto Talks Upcoming iOS Game, Choice Not To Make Full Game Free-To-Play

Super Mario Run is approaching fast, and fans are eager to see Mario on a new platform. Nintendo has been Mario’s home through multiple installments in the Super Mario series. We’ve seen Mario play golf, play tennis, race, party, and fight his way into the hearts of fans new and old. This time around, Mario’s […]

‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Physical Sales Significantly Less Than Last Year In The U.S., But That’s No Surprise [Opinion]

It hasn’t been a great run for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Developer Infinity Ward was hoping to have a huge hit on their hands when Infinite Warfare was announced. There would be new weapons, new maps, a new story, and a journey further toward the future. Unfortunately, the hype wasn’t as big as they […]

‘Watch Dogs 2’ DLC Delayed, ‘T-Bone’ Bundle Pushed Back As Ubisoft Patches Multiplayer

It looks like fans will have to wait to get their hands on the anticipated Watch Dogs 2 DLC. Watch Dogs 2 was released on November 15, and it seems to be getting quite the positive reception. It differs from the original Watch Dogs in the fact that we have a new protagonist, and he’s […]

PlayStation Experience 2016: ‘Crash Bandicoot,’ ‘Parappa The Rapper,’ ‘LocoRoco,’ And ‘Patapon’ Coming To PlayStation 4

PlayStation Experience 2016 has given us quite a few reveals this year, ranging from Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite to Street Fighter V and its DLC. With new games approaching, it seemed only right that we also get a taste of the classics. In a report by PlayStation Lifestyle, it’s been revealed that Parappa The Rapper, […]

‘Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite’: Captain America, Morrigan Revealed On ESPN 2 As Newest ‘MVCI’ Characters [Video]

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was announced at this year’s PlayStation Experience, and fans are hyped to see more. For weeks, rumors began to float around the internet. There was some talk of a new Marvel vs. Capcom title, but no one knew just what was in store for fighting game fans and enthusiasts. After what […]

Dakota Access Pipeline Denied: Army Corps Of Engineers Halts DAPL Project [Breaking]

Today marks a huge victory for those of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Controversy and protest has followed the Dakota Access Pipeline route proposal for months, mainly due to the threat that it posed to the drinking water supply of the Sioux tribe by running under the Missouri River. The proposal has stirred the action […]