‘Black Sails’ Creators Talk Series Finale, Discuss Moments In Show [Spoilers]

Black Sails, a television show that serves as the prequel to Treasure Island, experienced its series finale.

As such, questions about characters and their fates were all decided. While some series finales seem to leave a cliffhanger, the general reception of the last of the Black Sails episode left fans with a sense of longevity for characters and an emotional sigh of relief.

In a report by IGN, a discussion was had with series creators Jonathan Steinberg and Robert Levine. The two discussed the finale and the action therein, most notably the final sequences that lead to the curtains closing.

Steinberg had this to say in regard to the ending and why Black Sails ended on a generally happy tone.

“I think there was an awareness that when watched in a certain way there was so much tragedy already in the ending. Of all the people who were lost and weren’t there anymore, and how close they were to something historically meaningfully that got bargained away, that to then pile that on with even more misery just felt unpleasant,” Steinberg stated.

Was Steinberg looking for a balance between tragedy and triumph? It would appear so.

Steinberg continued, explaining his mentality.

“I think the show’s always been a tragedy but I don’t think there’s ever been a feeling of wanting to wallow in it. And so I think some balance in that sense felt right. And only some of it was really our choice. By the time you get to that point in a story, the characters are talking to you a little bit about where they belong. I think the endings all felt like everyone was where they belonged. We had some say in it, but a lot of it was just letting it all be what it wanted to be at that point.”

Robert Levine had this to say in regards to the series leading up to Treasure Island and the end goal.

“In practice, it wasn’t an easy thing to do. The book, when you really start to get granular with it, there are some things that are easily understood and some things that aren’t. Obviously, he was just writing his own story and now here we are trying to graft ours onto it.”

Levine continued, expressing the need for accuracy in regards to matching Treasure Island and ensuring that there were no gaps in execution.

“It was certainly the topic of a lot of conversations and a lot of planning, trying to get our ending to a place where it could be as close as possible to the ideal. Which is that you’ve watched the show and then you pick up the book and can seamlessly continue with the story while also feeling different because you know all these motivations and backstory from our show. It now informs everything there. It was just a matter of grinding it as close as possible as we could get it to be while also making sure we were delivering a satisfying ending for the characters of the show,” Levine said.

According to a report by Deadline, the possibility of furtherance for Black Sails was not entirely out of the question, especially with how the show ended.

Still, Steinberg felt that they had achieved what they’d set out to do ultimately.

“I think we knew what it was about and we knew what we wanted to feel at the end. And we knew what we wanted to say. I think, in terms of knowing how those scenes would play or how the mechanics of the story would lead there, that’s always a process,” Steinberg began.

“I think we’ve known, certainly since at some point in Season 1, that this was a story about Flint and Silver. That it was a story about them going from a giant and the smallest man he ever knew to those two becoming allies to becoming friends to becoming singular to each other.”

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