‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Animation Issues, BioWare With No Plans For Day 1 Patch

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to be released in a couple of days, and fans are understandably excited.

It’s been a long time since the conclusion of Commander Shepard’s epic adventures across space with the Normandy and its crew. We’ve had a chance to fall in love, battle enemies much larger than us, and negotiate our ways through peaceful or violent resolution. After what seems like eons, we’re finally getting our hands on the next saga of the Mass Effect series. The only issue? Animations.

It’s easy to overlook problems and details when it comes to our favorite series. Bias reigns supreme for games such as Mass Effect. The story is amazing, the characters are memorable, and some of the greatest fights have been taken to alien forces by way of Shepard’s hand. However, it’s reported by Polygon that the animation for Mass Effect: Andromeda is having issues.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Mass Effect: Andromeda and its early problems is that fans were aware of such issues well before now. BioWare, the developer behind the game, reassured fans that such problems stemmed from the game’s early life. Fans could rest assured that changes would take place, and we’d have a beautiful game to experience. Early review copies have gone out, and what we’ve seen so far appears to be a far cry from what BioWare assured.

Multiple social media platforms have confirmed that characters have strange facial expressions. Furthermore, run animations are lacking and appear awkward. While BioWare isn’t exactly known for flawless games and producing products without their intermittent bugs, the current state of their latest is more than evident.

Apparently, BioWare is aware of the issues that are happening in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Representative Ian Frazier took to Twitter to respond to the inquiries of Andromeda and its problems.

Frazier had this to say when asked about a patch for the game’s awkward animations.

“At day 1? No, that ship has sailed. We’ll have more patches later on, but exactly what goes into them is still in discussion.”

All in all, this might not bode well for fans who were expecting a flawless game on arrival. It seems strange that BioWare wouldn’t have a fix ready to go for such issues, as it can easily ruin the immersion of such a great game. This also comes at a time where it’s no longer Commander Shepard at the helm, bringing Andromeda under more scrutiny.

Perhaps the saving grace of Mass Effect: Andromeda will lie in its multiplayer. IGN reports that this game mode will be based around players taking on scores of opposition. Different weapons and abilities will be available, and there are a plethora of ways to tackle the various hordes that threaten your crew. While it’s possible that BioWare could have focused more on the aspect of multiplayer than in other areas, it’s highly unlikely that they would allow lack in something as important as the animation of characters. After all, Mass Effect: Andromeda is an RPG. The immersion is critical.

While fans are most likely displeased with the thought of receiving no day one patch to remedy the animation issue, it’s nice to know that BioWare is aware of the issues. Perhaps we’ll be looking at a patch a few days later, though speculation is all we have until there’s more from the developers.

How do you feel about there being no day one patch for the animation issues in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Do you believe that you’re capable of overlooking this and enjoying the game, regardless? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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