Speedrunner Beats ‘Prey’ In Under Seven Minutes, Setting New Record [Video]

One of Bethesda’s latest titles has been beaten in just under seven minutes.

Gamers should be no strangers to the art of “speed running,” the act of attempting to finish a game in the fastest time possible. While it isn’t your conventional way to play a video game, it’s become widely accepted as an entertaining look into how different individuals play a game. Furthermore, it’s a chance to look into some of the glitches and exploits that are possible without necessarily hacking the game or using outside influence.

According to a report by Kotaku, speed runner Seeker has beaten Prey in just under seven minutes. This is an impressive feat, especially since the game was only released last month. Players can place different restrictions on themselves in order to get to the virtual finish line within given boundaries. Seeker utilized a series of jumps and bouncing about the game with the help of the game’s GLOO cannon.

The video displays quite a few odds and ends, including the advancement of the game and accessing areas that otherwise wouldn’t be available without completing steps in the major story. As Seeker displays, however, there are ways to get around ever having to touch the more length portions of Prey.

According to report by PC Gamer, Seeker has uploaded quite a few videos on Prey. Going as far as uploading multiple videos, Seeker shows interested players how to cut down on certain areas and how to bypass entire sections of the map in others. If you’re interested in speed running the game with the Any% rule (One of the many rule sets in speed running), there are even tutorials on Youtube that will get you there.


While there’s some controversy on speed running (some would say that there’s no enjoyment in such practices), one can’t deny that it’s an impressive feat to pick a game like Prey apart and utilize interesting tactics to go beyond areas we’d normally spend quite a bit of time on. Bethesda isn’t exactly known for its games being without strange glitches or hiccups, though, so one might take Seeker’s new record with a grain of salt.

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[Featured Image by Bethesda]