Ana Navarro of 'The View’ Shares Why She ‘Never Eats' What Co-Host Joy Behar Cooks

Ana Navarro of 'The View’ Shares Why She ‘Never Eats' What Co-Host Joy Behar Cooks
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On the latest installment of The View’s podcast Behind the Table,  Ana Navarro spilled beans about her relationship with co-host Joy Behar. She offered a humorous peak into their friendship. The duo’s Halloween-themed antics and memorable moments have been a source of amusement and inside jokes, shedding light on their unique on-screen bond.

During the podcast, Navarro and the show’s executive producer, Brian Teta, navigated through past Halloween costumes, where Navarro reminisced about a funny episode where Behar dressed up as the evil queen. At the same time, Navarro portrayed Snow White, prompting her to declare she’d never taste anything cooked by Behar amusingly.

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Navarro, in a funny manner, revealed the reason behind her decision not to try Behar’s culinary skills. She asserted, "That was when I was a contributor on The View, and Joy decided she wanted to be the evil queen, and I was the Snow White that she was poisoning, which is very in character," Navarro joked, "Which is why I never eat anything that Joy Behar gives me. Nothing. Not even the lasagna. I'm the only person who's never tasted the lasagna. I will not eat anything until somebody else tastes it and lives 24 hours to tell the story."

Their light-hearted conversation extended to last year’s Halloween costume controversy, where Navarro’s interest in portraying Char from The Love Boat ignited a disagreement with Teta, who wanted her to dress up as Lucille Ball’s iconic character from I Love Lucy. "I said I wanted to be a Latina because there's not enough Latina representation," Navarro emphasized, advocating for diversity in costume choices. "My issue with it was that Charo wasn't really a character - she was a guest star on The Love Boat...Everybody else was acting as TV characters on TV shows that were on every week," Teta asserted.


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According to the sources of The U.S. Sun, the discussion highlights their friendship and unique bonding on and off-screen. On another note, Navarro’s recent Halloween bash in Miami was eventually shut down by the police. Navarro revealed, "The cops came, and I offered the cop a cocktail. He declined. And then I said to him, 'Listen, I'm sorry. Take me to jail, but I'm not about to shut down a party with Carlos Vivas…and all these people." It added a humorous touch as she later flew to New York to shoot The View with her fellow co-hosts. The absence of her co-hosts at the Miami bash, including Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah Griffin, added a speculative twist to the podcast, exemplifying the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the daytime talk show.


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Navarro's anecdotes and playful disputes highlighted the lighter side of the show, demonstrating the fun camaraderie among the hosts and teasing insights into their off-screen interactions. The podcast provided an engaging look into the entertaining dynamics shared by Navarro and her co-hosts on The View.

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