Adele Finally Passes Driver’s Test, Doesn’t Get Noticed By Instructor

Adele has an Oscar, a slew of Grammy’s, and an album that went double platinum, but until this month there was one thing she never had — a driver’s license.

The 25-year-old singer passed her test with only one mistake, and managed to pull off what may be an even more incredible feat. She learned to drive without her instructor knowing she was famous.

“I didn’t know who Adele was so she started singing in her lessons. The problem was I didn’t know any of her songs,” said Noel Gaughan, the 49-year-old instructor who taught Adele how to drive. “She would sing some beautiful songs and say ‘you must know this one’ but I don’t really know many celebrities.”

It’s not that Gaughan is some out-of-touch shut-in, either. He’s considered one of the top driving instructors in the UK, and has helped other celebrities including Niall Horan of One Direction and Edward Dwane of Mumford and Sons.

Of course, he didn’t know some of them either. Gaughan said he had no idea who Niall was either until their car stopped at a traffic light and got mobbed by screaming fans.

While she was working on her three-point turns and parallel parking in the UK, Adele has also been looking into a new performing home in the United States. The Sun reported that the singer is in a $40 million bidding war between two casinos who want the young singer.

“Stacks of Las Vegas casinos are desperate to get Adele on billboards as a headliner in this town,” an insider told The Sunon Sunday. “The highest figure being touted is US $40 million but it could be even higher.”

Sources say Adele has yet to make a decision, but at least she’ll be free to drive wherever she wants in Las Vegas when she does choose.