Couple Sell Baby Daughter To Buy iPhone And Shoes

Yes people, you read the headline correctly! In the latest bizarre news story to come out of China, a young couple actually sold their baby daughter for around $8,500 to buy iPhones and designer shoes.

Miss Zhang and Mr Teng are the couple in question, they placed adverts in local newspapers and online stating that they would part with they unborn baby daughter for 50,000 yuan, a large amount of money in China.

Shanghai police arrested the couple and charged them with human trafficking after they accepted cash for their baby. The money was allegedly deposited in the couple’s bank account after which they went on a shopping spree for the phones and sneakers.

The couple, who are both unemployed, already have two children. They told prosecutors that they were acting in the child’s best interest by selling her as they themselves are not financially stable.

They said in a statement: “We did not give the baby away for money but in order to give it more security.” Unfortunately for them, prosecutors don’t quite see it the same way, claiming the couple had premeditated the whole thing simply to raise money for luxury items.

As the sale of the baby was planned while Miss Zhang was pregnant, the couple went to great lengths to hide the fact she was having a baby. They also took the step of having the baby at home so that no suspicions were aroused by neighbors. When they were asked what the “bump” was in Miss Zhang’s tummy they said it was a tumour.

Soon after the transaction the couple’s credit card bill showed that they had forked out large amounts of cash on the internet for their new iPhones and shoes.

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