iPhone 5s Performance Proven Fastest On The Market

The iPhone 5s’ performance has been tested against the top phones on the market, and Apple’s latest smartphone is officially the fastest yet.

It was bound to happen. What used to be a big deal with home computers is now just as important when it comes to mobile technology. Between a processor that about matches mid-range laptops and enough RAM to eliminate much of the lag, the iPhone 5s has been proven the powerhouse to beat when it comes to smartphone performance, thanks to the 64-bit technology of the A7 chip.

Now beyond the technical mumbo jumbo, what does this mean for owners of Apple’s latest release? It means you can run even more apps and not need to slow down to wait for the phone to load.

It’s like going from an x86 operating system to an x64, meaning it can do more with less processing power, and probably run cooler as well.

The iPhone 5s’ performance was tested against seven other smartphones, including the budget alternative iPhone 5c, and showed once and for all that the number of cores isn’t really the endgame for smartphone speed. Every one of the phones used will run an app in next to no time at all, but the iPhone 5s is the most capable of running high-end graphics editors including videos, possibly making it a fave for YouTube publishing on the go.


The results of the test are below, including the single and multi core scores:

  • Apple iPhone 5s: 1410 (single core), 2561 (multi core)
  • LG G2: 882 (single core), 2355 (multi core)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4: 687 (single core), 1939 (multi core)
  • HTC One: 643 (single core), 1805 (multi core)
  • Apple iPhone 5c: 711 (single core), 1281 (multi core)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: 649 (single core), 1135 (multi core)
  • HTC One Mini: 477 (single core), 880 (multi core)

As you can see, the iPhone 5s ran slightly faster than the LG G2 with multiple cores, even if it was the only phone to score in the four digits on one core. Even the iPhone 5c running multiple cores couldn’t match the single core performance of the iPhone 5s, making Apple’s latest the fastest smartphone yet.