Chloe Grace Moretz Tried Method Acting For ‘Carrie’

Chloe Grace Moretz isn’t typically known as a method actor. She didn’t go around killing people before the movie Kick-Ass and she didn’t live in a clock tower before filming Hugo. The actress did, however, try out a little method acting on the set of her latest movie Carrie.

No, she didn’t go on a murderous rampage around the set after someone dumped blood on her, but Moretz did stay in character throughout the shoot. The actress said that she had to stay in character because it was hard for her to get into the mind of such a dark character.

Moretz told Nightline:

“It was the first movie I ever did in which I wanted to try method [acting]… You know, trying to really breathe and live in her because she is such a dark character you can’t just cut and be like hee-hawing around.”

Moretz tried to dive deep into the psyche of Carrie for her new movie. but it was a jump that she was hesitant to make. The actress said that she was very intimidated by the role at first because she knew that so many people already know and love her character.

Moretz said:

“I was intimated on taking on a Stephen King novel… That’s what scared me… trying to take something that was one of his most iconic pieces of work that he’s ever written and try and breathe life, even halfway as good, as the words that he has put into a book.”

Do you think Chloe Grace Moretz will make a good Carrie? The new movie debuts tonight at midnight.