August 14, 2014
'Transformers 4': Michael Bay, Paramount Reveal What Really Happened In Hong Kong [Update]

Earlier today, Transformers 4's Michael Bay was rumored to be attacked on the film's set in Hong Kong. Michael Bay has come out and told the press that what was reported was only half true.

No, nobody really hurt the director of the Transformers films, though a lot of film critics probably want to after such phenomenal critic fodder as Armageddon, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and his latest love-it-or-hate-it blockbuster Pain and Gain.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Michael Bay was allegedly attacked by three men who are now in custody, though nobody actually struck the Transformers: Age of Extinction director.

According to Transformers 4 director Michael Bay, the men were being belligerent and causing some problems for him and his crew on the morning of the first day's filming in Hong Kong.

One man had apparently been harassing his actors and rolling metal carts into them. The man was a vendor who wanted more money for the inconvenience that the film was causing him, and Michael Bay told him no. Not liking his answer, the man came back later with an air conditioning unit and tried to hit Michael Bay in the face.

There was obviously quite a struggle because after Transformers 4's Michael Bay ducked and pushed the man away, it took seven men to take him down.

Paramount later released an official statement:

"Director Michael Bay and the cast and crew of Transformers: Age of Extinction completed their first day of production in Hong Kong today October 17, 2013, after four and a half months of filming in Arizona, Utah, Texas, Michigan, Illinois and Washington state since late May. Contrary to several erroneous news reports made today, Bay did not get hurt in a fight on set. … No one on the cast or crew was injured and the production immediately resumed filming without further incident."
So now we know what actually happened earlier today on the Hong Kong set of Michael Bay's Transformers 4.

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