Benefit Cosmetics Gets Racy To Break Traditional Beauty Views

Benefit Cosmetics is going there again, with another addition to their “laughter is the best cosmetic” campaign. Their new ad for “They’re Real” mascara isn’t as racy as their last ad, but still attempts to “go there” in order to get their viewers to laugh a little.

The new video ad is called “Real Women Don’t Fake It” and is all about the “O-face.” While this new message may seem very suggestive, it really isn’t. The video is centered on the silly faces many women make while applying their mascara.

The Inquisitr reported on part one of the video campaigns. The first video, “Real Men Don’t Fake It” was a rather racy video. With this second installment, Benefit Cosmetics’ takes getting sexy lashes to a surprising new “climax.”

Portal A Digital Strategist, Jessica Muniz Schiffman told The Inquisitr that the video celebrates the 2nd anniversary of Benefit’s THEY’RE REAL, the #1 selling prestige mascara in the world and “keeps it real” with some of America’s favorite TV personalities.

This video features stars Kristin Cavallari, Carmen Electra & Kyle Richards, created by Portal A and directed by Adam Patch.

Throughout the short video, we see these three glamorous women in what seems to be some steamy situation, but closer to the end, viewers realize that the women were making these outrages faces all in the name of beauty.

While this video is funny, is it again pushing the limits as to what is acceptable for a video ad? While this video is for their online campaign, and not going to be shown on tv, is it really all that appropriate?

The question becomes, how far is too far when it comes to trying to get a laugh? Is Benefit Cosmetics going too far? Or has the brand finally found a way for women to break through the traditional views of beauty?

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

[Image provided by Portal A]