Snoop Dogg Changes His Name Yet Again

If Diddy can do it, why can’t Snoop Dogg, er, Snoop Lion? First, Snoop Dogg was Snoop Doggy Dog, then he shortened it once he started getting up there in age. He kept his abbreviated moniker for years until he decided his metamorphosis as a rapper was to transform into a lion. Snoop Lion didn’t last too long, as it’s being reported that Snoop Lion is changing his name to Snoopzilla for his new soul funk album.

Snoop’s new name is supposed to be a Parliament-Funkadelic-inspired name. The 41-year-old rapper’s new moniker, Snoopzilla, is in an effort to promote his latest album titled 7 Days of Funk, which includes a collaboration with Dam-Funk.

For those who don’t know, Parliament-Funkadelic mixed the eclectic sounds of funk, rock, and soul. The band, which is known to many as a movement in music, was started by George Clinton. The ever eccentric and exuberant Clinton is known for his P-Funk style, which embodied politically charged lyrics, psychedelic concept albums, and outrageous live performances. This gives at least a little credence to Snoop’s new Snoopzilla name change.

George Clinton Funkadelic

A big part of the Parliament-Funkadelic was the afrofuturism, which was promoted through George Clinton’s beliefs. The funk singer’s philosophy, which Snoop seems to believe in, is called “on the one,” which is an idea that everyone is equal and on the “same pulse” with the rest of the universe. Clinton was a big believer in the inclusion of Black people advancing in society and portrayed this in his music.

For Snoop Lion, now Snoopzilla, the concept of futurism is probably a huge indicator of where he’s going with his music, although we’re not too sure if he plans on completely revamping his style. When Snoop Lion released his album under his new moniker, it was a reggae album, so we wouldn’t be surprised that with the name change comes a slightly different sound for Snoopzilla.

Do you like Snoopzilla’s new name?