October 17, 2013
'50 Shades' Offers A 'Shady' $125,000 To Charlie Hunnam For Lead Role

Fifty Shades of Grey has, predictably, been surrounded already by plenty of rumors and controversy. And this a good month before the movie has even gone into production.

In the latest scandal to plague the producers of the movie, adapted from the Fifty Shades of Grey book series by E.L. James, the lead actor,Charlie Hunnam, slated to play the masterful playboy Christian Grey, dropped out of the film.

When the news of Hunnam's dropping out of '50 Shades' hit, the internet lit up with rumors as to which hunk would replace him.

Some were dismayed that he was leaving but others couldn't have been happier.

There were those who felt that actors like Matt Borner or Ian Somerhalder. would be more suited to Mr Grey's shoes than Hunnam.

Some people said they'd like to see Scott Eastwood in the role as in this Tweet:

When he announced he wouldn't be putting on Christian Grey's shoes for the movie Hunnam said that it was due to an "immersive Tv schedule" or something.

It is now firmly beleived by most, that his statement was nothing more than a vague smokescreen intended to cover the fact that he wouldn't be taking the job as he wasn't going to be seeing much cash.

According to The Stir there have been six major shake-ups since Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the movie:

E.L. James, the author of the book, had no hard feelings when she heard Charlie Hunnam was quitting. She Tweeted her best wishes to him:It remains to be seen who will be chosen to play Christian Grey in the upcoming "50 Shades" movie. What is clear is that unless the producers offer the lead role actor significantly more than a "shady" $125,000, they will have quite a job ahead of them securing the right person for the film.

Here is the unofficial trailer for the movie: