Rick Moranis Could Be Preparing For Big-Screen Return In ‘Ghostbusters 3’

Rick Moranis Could Be Gearing For Big-Screen Return

Rick Moranis left acting in the late 1990s, choosing to focus on his children after the death of his wife Ann, but he could be back soon.

He has returned for some small projects, including voice work on some animated films, but fans of the comedian are still waiting for his return to screen.

It may be coming in the form of a new Ghostbusters installment.

Rick Moranis has spoken about the possibility of reprising his role as Louis Tully in Ghostbusters 3, a project that co-star Dan Akroyd is reportedly very enthusiastic about.

The project gained some attention this week after Akroyd angrily stormed out of an interview in Australia. With Akroyd in the news, much of the internet’s attention turned to Ghostbusters 3 and its status, which director Ivan Reitman said is up in the air.

In an interview this summer Moranis said the project has “got to be good” to bring him out of retirement, adding that he thought he second Ghostbusters movie was a disappointment.

But he didn’t shut the door on Ghostbusters 3, either.

“I said, ‘I don’t say no to anything until everything is presented to me,’ ” Moranis said. “What is it? Is it happening? Is there a script? What’s the part? Who else is in it? Where is it? How long is it gonna take? You know, I need a little bit more information.”

Moranis even had an interesting idea for where Tully’s character may be now.

“I sort of see him as being Bernie Madoff’s cellmate in jail. Both of them being so orderly that they race to get up and make their beds.”

Moranis hasn’t given many interviews and has been a bit guarded about his personal life, but in past interviews he’s said that his decision to take a step back from acting didn’t have anything to do with show business itself.

“The decision in my case to become a stay-at-home-Dad, which people do all the time, I guess wouldn’t have meant as much to people if I had had a very simple kind of make-a-living existence and decided I needed to spend more time at home. Nobody would pay attention to it, but because I came from celebrity and fame and what was the peak of a career, that was intriguing to people. To me, it wasn’t that. I didn’t have anything to do with that. It was work, and it was just time to make an adjustment.”

Rick Moranis may or may not be coming back for Ghostbusters 3, but he hasn’t left comedy entirely. This year he released a new comedy album, My Mother’s Brisket & Other Love Songs.