Kate Beckinsale Pregnant? Rumors Say She Goes ‘Back And Forth On’ Baby Plans

Kate Beckinsale Pregnant? Rumors Say She Goes 'Back And Forth On' Baby Plans

Rumors find Kate Beckinsale pregnant all the time according to Google despite it being years since Kate Beckinsale’s baby was born. So what is the truth behind any Kate Beckinsale pregnancy rumors?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kate Beckinsale is starring in The Face Of An Angel as a detective investigating the Amanda Knox story.

So you’re probably wondering, is Kate Beckinsale pregnant or not? All sources seem to say no although interest remains high among loyal Kate Beckinsale fans. She’s remained silent on Twitter since her Underworld: Awakening movie and her role in Total Recall.

The only Kate Beckinsale baby was fathered by actor Michael Sheen, but they’ve been parted for years now. Kate and Len Wiseman have been married for nine years and the question about having another child has her undecided:

“At some point the decision will be made for me, when my ovaries dry up and die…We’ll see. There’s nothing that makes me go, ‘And now I must have triplets.’…I got back and forth on it,…I feel very lucky in that we navigated a pretty bumpy situation and that Lily’s OK. So my resistance is along the lines of, ‘Do I want to upset the apple cart?'”

But another part of Kate Beckinsale says she’d “love to have a baby in the relationship I’m in” but she’s not certain whether pregnancy is in the cards for her yet. So far the closest Kate Beckinsale has come is putting placenta on her face. No joke, apparently:

Would you like to see Kate Beckinsale pregnant again or do you think she should focus on her movie career?