‘The Last Of Us’ ‘Abandoned Territories’ Map Pack Released [Video]

The first The Last of Us DLC called Abandoned Territories has just dropped a new map pack on us.

The once-bestselling PlayStation 3 exclusive isn’t done by a long shot. The first DLC has hit, and it promises a slew of new multiplayer maps to battle it out in. The four new maps also include a patch that fixes some of the problems people encountered with spawning points and the elimination of ties in Interrogation Mode.

The Last of Us is a zombie survival game where you play as Joel, a grizzled older man who just got drafted to bring a teenage girl, Ellie, from a bunker with strict rules and such to a remote hideout where she can live in relative freedom. The game is one of the few that gets the idea of an NPC escort character right, as Ellie isn’t one of the annoyingly suicidal ones that you wish you could just abandon so you can go it alone.

While the new The Last of Us DLC, Abandoned Territories, doesn’t expand on the story mode which made the game an instant hit, it enhances the multiplayer side of it with obviously named maps such as Bookstore, Suburbs, Bus Depot, and Hometown. Yup, no explanations are needed for these maps, which apparently take locations inside the game and make them multiplayer friendly and add some welcome adjustments to the experience.

Holders of the The Last of Us Season Pass will get the four maps free, while the rest of us can grab them for $9.99 off the PlayStation Network.

Of course, most gamers are still waiting for what was said to be story mode add-ons that continue the adventure for fans of the PlayStation 3 top seller. Said DLC is most likely still on its way, but in the meantime you can challenge your friends to some multiplayer mayhem with the The Last of Us Abandoned Territories DLC map pack.