Game Of The Year 2013: Our Predictions, Round Two

The Game of the Year awards for 2013 are no doubt closing in, and there is some stiff competition out there for the title. Every gaming news publication has their own ideas of what should win, and usually takes reader polls to determine the winner.

However, The Inquisitr doesn’t take polls that we’re aware of, but we do see what’s big and what isn’t. We made a few predictions a while back for Game of the Year, and now the end of said year is approaching and some clear contenders have shown their wares.

It’s time to take a second look at what games might end up taking the crown.

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 – You knew this game had to be at least a contender. Rockstar’s latest sandbox title has outsold every game ever made, and even broken some Guinness World Records. Of course the game that instantly gained notoriety from politicians and the like has also led to a new online addiction that even World of Warcraft couldn’t compete with in its glory days. You get to be a bad guy and have fun without any real world consequences.
  • Saints Row 4 – While the fans of the original games slammed it for not having anything to do with them, there is no doubt that Deep Silver’s latest release is one of the most amazing sandbox titles made to date, even rivaling the realistic version presented by the game listed above. In spite of a few glitches here and there, Saints Row 4 is a major contender for Game of the Year 2013.
Could 'Saints Row 4' be 2013's Game of the Year?
  • Pokemon X and Y – You probably won’t find a Pokemon fan who would say this 3DS title isn’t worth at least a nomination. It has been hailed as a revolutionary leap in the series that brought us pocket monsters and perfected it with battles and wireless trading of some of the cutest fighters you’ve ever seen. Mega evolutions have given the series a whole new level to compete with.
  • Watch Dogs – While we have yet to see what information thief Aiden Pearce really has up his sleeves, we could easily be blown away by this title which Ubisoft is so confident in that they’re already planning a feature film based on it. This could just take home the Game of the Year 2013 award if it lives up to the hype.
Could 'Watch Dogs' be the Game of the Year award winner?
  • Diablo 3 – There is no denying the quality Blizzard puts into their games, and Diablo is one of their biggest franchises to date, rivaling even StarCraft. The console versions have been made so well that there is a possibility that Blizzard’s action RPG could steal the crown from the more obvious big boys.
  • The Last of Us – The top-selling PS3 zombie title has redefined the genre, adding intelligent co-op gameplay with an AI companion that you don’t want to just leave in the ditch while you go it alone. Naughty Dog proved that you can indeed have an interesting storyline in a game about the living dead and cannibals.
'The Last of Us' could be Game of the Year in 2013

These are our choices for Game of the Year 2013. Do you have any suggestions we missed?