iPad 5 Fingerprint Scanner Among Apple Release Date Event Rumors

iPad 5 release date rumors are claiming the iPad 5 fingerprint scanner will grace future Apple tablets.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the latest Apple iPad 5 release rumors say the iPad 5 features will be enough to be a PC desktop replacement. There’s even rumors that a 13 inch screen iPad will be released in addition to the small iPad Mini 2.

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner technology was purchased by Apple when they bought security company Authentec. Apple’s fingerprint scanner tech is described as being years ahead of the competitors and it first graced the home button of the Apple iPhone 5S.

Multiple anonymous sources have been claiming Apple would incorporate this technology into the iPad 5. Leaked photos of an iPad 5 fingerprint scanner say the home button will also be the location of the scanner. The iPad Mini 2 would also have the fingerprint scanner and one of the cases was similar to the ever-popular gold edition of the iPhone 5S.

It is assumed the iPad 5 fingerprint scanner will be confirmed by Apple on October 22 during an iPad launch event. Given Apple’s prior history, this should mean the iPad 5 release date will be set for Friday, November 1.

Besides the fingerprint scanner technology, the iPad 5 should sport a thinner screen design and have a faster 64-bit CPU.

Will you be lining up to buy on the iPad 5 release date? Is the iPad 5 fingerprint scanner technology a main feature for you?