What to do with Reggie Bush?

In the last year of his rookie contract Reggie Bush is due to make 11.8 million dollars, after making 22k for every yard he gained in 2009. Without a doubt Bush is a special talent, but he makes way to much money and for him to stay in New Orleans his salary is going to have to b adjusted. Of course until their is a framework of a salary cap and system for the 2011 NFL season the Saints can afford to leave him be, but at some point they will have to deal with the question of what to do with Reggie.

They could of course cut him; sign him to an extension that got his 11.8 million dollar salary prorated as a signing bonus over the life of the new deal, or let Reggie test the open market via a trade. Bush has a lot of value, but most of that value probably lies with him continuing on in his capacity with the Saints. I don’t know how many NFL teams would be willing to pony up top dollar for him.

Ultimately that is the real question, is there a team out there that would value Bush more and therefore be willing to be big money for him? Kind of hard to answer because at best he is an excellent return man and part of a 1-2 punch at the running back position. Granted his name does ring out and he could help a team sell tickets and depending on how long the labor strife lasts a team may certainly need just that.

It is hard to say how this one will play out, but Bush is certainly one of the more popular Saints since his somewhat surprising entrance to that team just a few years ago. They may need his draw as a name more than they need his actual football skills.

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