Tetherball Bear Becomes Internet Sensation [Video]

Have you ever seen a bear play tetherball? You probably haven’t ben to the Animal Ark in Reno, Nevada.

A 2-year-old black bear named LG has developed some impressive tetherball skills. A video of the animal was uploaded over the weekend and it has already gathered more than 375,000 views.

The Animal Ark wrote on Twitter that LG accidentally bumped into the ball one day and has been playing with it ever since.

The Animal Ark writes: “The first time he went into the yard he got donked by the ball – he’s smart that way!”

NBC got in contact with Anthony Flemming, the person who uploaded the video to YouTube, to get his thoughts on the tetherball bear. Flemming said that he hopes the video will help draw attention to the Animal Ark and help the organization raise more money.

Flemming said: “It was crazy, I couldn’t believe it.”

The Ark said that LG was brought in after he was found alone in a meadow along the Mount Rose Highway in Nevada. The bear was freezing and malnourished. He weighed just 14 pounds when he was found (a normal cub his age weighs between 60 and 100 pounds) and probably wouldn’t have survived without the sanctuary’s help.

The Animal Ark writes: “The cub would not have lasted another night by itself.”

Here’s the video of the tetherball bear.