Wis. Governor Walker Breitbarted by fake Koch brother on recorded call

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker won’t talk to Democratic senators in his state about the ongoing battle over union rights in Wisconsin.

So who is he taking phone calls from? I hesitated to post this because it seemed so juicily scandalicious I thought it couldn’t possibly be real. Apparently, a blogger punked Walker in a phone call, pretending to be David Koch and having a lengthy conversation with the much-maligned governor about how to best thwart the rabble seeking to protect collective bargaining rights. (Koch is a very deep-pocketed conservative donor who was described along with his brother as the “Tea Party’s wallet” in a recent New Yorker profile.)

Walker’s office confirms the governor fell for the hoax hook, line and sinker. Walker spends most of the call casually detailing how he wants to strip workers in the state of rights, although he pauses to agree that Mika Brzezinski is a “real piece of ass.” (Walker: “Oh, yeah.”)

State Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca is trying to get the full Democratic caucus to listen to the call, and Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate commented on the brouhaha, saying:

“Scott Walker won’t listen to Senate Democrats, or the hundreds of thousands of average Wisconsinites who are speaking up against his divisive power grab. But an oil billionaire from Kansas gets his full attention. It is a damning, embarrassing and possibly illegal admission that Scott Walker has put Wisconsin up for sale.”

Pretty gross, huh?