‘State Of Decay: Breakdown’ DLC Details Revealed

State Of Decay DLC Undead Labs

Hungry for more juicy bits about Undead Labs’ upcoming State of Decay: Breakdown DLC? The team behind the open-world title recently opened up about the first expansion pack.

Instead of coughing up even more missions for the game’s main storyline, the developers decided to implement a so-called “sandbox mode” that puts your survival skills to the ultimate test. Never mind the narrative — this is all about staying alive.

During a recent interview posted in the official Undead Labs forums, the developers discussed what State of Decay folks can expect from the upcoming DLC. According to the company, Breakdown will give fans an entirely new way to experience the adventure.

The upcoming DLC unfolds in a series of challenging levels. Once you’ve depleted your resources and have repaired the survivors’ RV, you can make to the next set of zombified obstacles. Undead Labs explained that players will face a series of increasingly difficult problems as the levels wear on.

“Repairing is what takes the most time — the deeper you get into the game, the more problems the RV has, and the more time it takes to get it ready to go. The specific amount of time [to complete a level] changes on a case-by-case basis, but we’re trying to keep the worst-case scenario under an hour,” the company recently explained.

How many people can you bring along to the next level? Undead Labs said that six of your favorite comrades can fit inside the RV. This doesn’t include Lily, who will continue to operate the radio and drive the recreational vehicle to the new areas.

Undead Labs also touched on how many levels are included in the State of Decay DLC. The company explains that the new sandbox mode will keep going as long as the players can keep their survivors alive and well. In short: The game never ends.

The developers explained:

“Breakdown is an endless mode — that number will continue to go up until we run out of room for digits in the UI. And even then, the game doesn’t end. There is no final level. There are some natural limits on how dense we can actually make these zombie hordes, so it eventually caps out. But we’ve made the game so hard at this point that we can’t even survive.”

The State of Decay: Breakdown DLC should arrive by the end of October for Xbox 360. It’s unclear when the expansion is expected to hit Steam.

[Image via Undead Labs]