Dan Aykroyd Calls SBS Minder A ‘F***ing Hosebag’

Dan Aykroyd, best known for his roles in Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers, was in East Windsor today to promote his Crystal Head Vodka brand. He greeted excited fans at the Bottle King liquor store. The fans there numbered in the few hundreds.

His vodka, which he claims is not only yummy, but is one of the premium gourmet vodkas on the market, is made from a unique mixture of Newfoundland water and peaches and corn.

He addressed his fans, after signing autographs and movie memorabilia, saying, in his unique Dan Aykroyd manner:

I’ve tried to do the best I can. I’ve had the number one movie, number one television show, number one record, I want to have the number one vodka.

He went on to talk about why he thinks Crystal Head Vodka excels above the rest: “This (vodka) is something that excels to be the best. We are the best vodka, a luxury, premium spirit and that is what I wanted to create.”

Well, he may be number one in many ways but he certainly isn’t number one with Ellen Fanning nor with the people at SBS. In an interview he gave to Fanning on her The Observer Effect show was a complete flop when Aykroyd stormed out during questioning.

He was upset due to condition in the interview clauses, which didn’t allow him to promote his vodka brand directly. During the interview, having given a lot of information to Fanning about his life and recent work, he abruptly stood up, removed his microphone and left the studio.

Dan Aykroyd was heard outside ranting and raving about his frustration with SBS and the interview he had just been in. The blow-up was of course edited from the interview but on his way out of the studio complex he reportedly told an SBS minder at the door that he was a “f***ing hosebag.”

Here is a Tweet showing a great picture of Dan Aykroyd’s Crytal Head vodka:

Here is another Tweet regarding the failed SBS interview:

Check out this short clip from the Larry King Show with Aykroyd discussing his vodka brand:

Finally here is a look at Dan Aykroyd’s 10 best ever movie movies:

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