Dan Aykroyd Blows-Up In Ellen Fanning Interview Over Peach Vodka

Dan Aykroyd, everyone’s favorite Ghostbuster, is now in the vodka business. He is currently promoting his premium Crystal Head Vodka brand.

He was at the Bottle King liquor store in East Windsor today to promote his new vodka, which is apparently made from Newfoundland water and brewed with peaches and cream corn.

He greeted hundreds of fans, skull-shaped vodka bottle in hand, and signed autographs. He said to the fans, in typical Aykroyd style: “I’ve tried to do the best I can. I’ve had the number one movie, number one television show, number one record, I want to have the number one vodka.”

He took the opportunity to extol the virtues of his new product: “This (vodka) is something that excels to be the best. We are the best vodka, a luxury, premium spirit and that is what I wanted to create,” he said.

But it’s not all smiles and vodka shots back at the ranch with Dan Aykroyd. He featured on Ellen Fanning’s The Observer Effect recently. In the SBS talk show interview Aykroyd was not allowed to directly promote his new vodka due to condition of interview clauses.

He was overheard screaming and venting his frustrations outside the studio where he walked away from a studio minder yelling: “f…ing hosebag” at him.

Aykroyd later revealed to reporters that he had in fact stormed out of the Fanning interview after not being allowed to discuss his vodka. The producers of the show contacted the program’s executive producer Paul Steindl to ask him to issue an apology to Aykroyd.

Steindl and Fanning reportedly refused to offer any such apology claiming that if anything it was for Aykroyd to apologize and not them.

During the interview Dan Aykroyd blew-up at Fanning and promptly walked out of the studio and left the building. The blow-up was of course edited from the interview.

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