8th-Graders Caught With Horrifying, Potent New ‘Liquid Meth’

liquid meth

Houston, TX – As if Krokodil wasn’t bad/horrifying enough, a new kind of meth has hit the streets and has already found its way to kids.

Authorities are in the midst of a drug probe at a Texas City Middle School after a group of 8th-grade girls were caught with
“liquid meth,” a new, incredibly potent kind of methamphetamine, reports KHOU.

The girls allegedly started acting strangely in their classes Tuesday afternoon at Blocker Middle School. Authorities say that they were zombie-like and delirious.

According to Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset, the meth was in liquid form and on some type of stamp, then wrapped up in foil by the girls. He also said that the new meth is so potent that it can be absorbed through the skin by merely touching the stamp.

He said that he has never seen the drug in this form. “If it was my child I’d be extremely upset,” he said.

District officials called the girls’ parents, who later arrived and took the girls to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, they have been suspended.

“They’re not all bad girls,” said one parent. “I mean one of them I’ve known for quite some time. I mean I would have never expected it. She didn’t seem like a bad girl. She’s always been very sweet, very respectable, very involved in sports.”

The girls might end up being reassigned to an alternative school within the criminal justice system, a district spokeswoman said.

But law enforcement really just wants to find out where the girls got the drugs. Thus far, they believe that the new “liquid meth” came from “outside the county.”

The origins of this new form of meth are still unknown. In August, 15 were indicted in Denver on suspicion of shipping liquid meth across the Mexican border in sealed drink bottles and hidden in wiper fluid reservoirs. Eleven admitted to working with two drug cartels.

Investigators still aren’t entirely sure how liquid meth is made or exactly what’s in it.