Rolls Royce to join electric movement

I guess even the filthy rich might be interested in combining their taste for luxury automobiles and showing off their concern for rising gas prices and being ecologically minded.

At least that is what old world luxury automobile maker Rolls Royce is hoping for as they announce plans to make an all electric Phantom called the 102EX. However they are also hedging their bets by calling this a one off project that will depend on the reaction by those that can afford a Rolls Royce to begin with.

After being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1 it will go on a road trip around the world as a tester vehicle.

“It is the company’s intention to carefully test the opinions and reactions to alternative drivetrain options of a range of stakeholders including owners, enthusiasts, members of the public and the media,” a press release said.

Rolls has started a website,, to promote the car, though it says it has no plans to produce a production version.

Full specificiations for the 102EX, also known as Phantom Experimental Electric, will be released Feb. 28.

via Forbes